Tim North on “Fuck Luck”, rebranding and songwriting placements

Photo by Rhyan Correia

My special guest on this weeks edition of The Come Up Show podcast is Tim North. Recently, while I was listening to Spotify, it automatically played this song called “Fuck Luck”. I pulled up my phone and saw the artist name, Tim North which I didn’t recognize. After reading the artist bio on Spotify, I found out he was from Toronto which further piqued my interest. I went down the rabbit hole and found his Instagram and realized who it was, Tim! We go way back and I knew him by his previous rapper name Fundament. I saw he had a couple of songwriting placements and he was back and forth between L.A., so we had to catch up. We talked about his song “Fuck Luck”, which has over 2 million streams on Spotify alone, how he was ended up working with notable producers, his rebranding and so much more.

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Hosted by: Adulis “Chedo” Mokanan

Producers: Jessica Persadie, Chedo.

Photo by Rhyan Correia