The Best of 2018- Part 1

I love the best of podcasts because it’s a great recap that gives you a look into the exciting conversations we’ve had. Some you may have missed, some you may want to hear again. When I look at the guests we’ve had in 2018, I realized it’s REALLY Canadian. Over 90% of our guests are from Toronto, and that’s because I want to capture this time in history. I want to get into the state of mind of our artists. The cool thing about that is while Toronto is our number 1 audience, we have more listeners from the United States as a whole, and I think it’s beautiful. I’m breaking down the interviews into part 1 and part 2, without further ado Part 1 of the best of 2018 on The Come Up Show podcast. Let’s go!

Part 1 features Langston Francis, Cadence Weapon, Trish, Beatchild, Matthew Progress, Jordon Manswell, Cola, Tasha The Amazon x Danthrax, Tone Mason, Christian “King” Combs, Zaki Ibrahim, Kayo Guevarra, Francisgotheat, Tre Mission, Nate Husser.

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