jaycouldneverdie – Blueberry Love

Shot by Jake Kivanc

Not many artists can flip loss into gain quite like this.

Blueberry Love is a sentimental track on all layers, far beyond lyrical and instrumental, the record resonates with you like a personal experience you often revisit to remember what it feels like to have heavy emotion before a time of betrayal. A story of heartbreak, pain and abuse that was reflected in the tones of the singer, the mellowness of the production, and the craftsmanship of a music video that is equally dark and heavy. Jaycouldneverdie shows us her point of view on heartbreak and sorrow in a video that reflects her outlook on an abusive relationship in a raw, unfiltered form. A dark film that is encapsulated in sorrow that even short scenes of bland low-light begin to look optimistic and forgiving.

Teaming up with directors Genelle Cruz and Devo Thomas, Jay could turn her vocals into motion pictures with grainy, low light images that reflected her message; sorrow and loss. The short video shows frequent shots of Jay singing all alone, a nod to the loneliness she feels as she loses a lover, a lover seen often in the video on his own as well, paying more attention to a cigarette (or an addiction) rather than Jay.

The song itself is an ode to Jay’s lifelong battle with depression, a tough demon to handle that Jay manages to flip into progression and perseverance. Turning her emotions and sadness into melodies and serenading her listeners with raw, true emotions echoing through their minds for days after. The video manages to encapsulate exactly what the song feels like, something I can’t really explain. Take the song in yourself and watch to completely understand, this level of complexity is what Jay is excelling in; true, unfiltered music with no room for errors or short cuts, every release is executed flawlessly and all the pieces fit together to give the listener one great project in the end. All of the lyricism, production, videography and photography that went into this manages to brand Jay into an image she fits so flawlessly, and that is “authentic”.

The cliche ‘sad boy’ theme is riddled all throughout Toronto and Jay is nowhere to be seen in that scene, she projects her real self through her music.

The set and props used reflect the message of emptiness and blandness as no heavy makeup or colorful wardrobe was chosen to keep the outlook and theme of the video all relative. A very thought out and calculated production that concluded in one of the best visuals to come from an up & coming artist in a long time. Jay surprised us before and continues to surprise us with projects and releases such as this. I thought her singles were impressive, and her project caught me off guard and now the videos coming along are following suit. Give the track a spin below and watch the video for Blueberry Love above, and keep your eyes out for more from jaycouldneverdie.