Holly Santonato – Felt Love

Valentine’s is a day for love, and what better time to fall in love with one of Toronto’s rising angelic voices, Holly Santonato.

Holly has been singing her way through the scene for a few months now and if you follow her social media, you can quickly understand just how talented and smooth she can be. Very melodic and soft vocals over top slow paced R&B production makes for a very romantic theme in a lot of her work, and the latest single Felt Love, is no exception.

Felt Love dropped on us on the loveliest day of the year, Valentine’s Day. A record that touches on togetherness and exposing the reality and truthfulness in a relationship and Holly singing about authenticity and the reality of powerful love. Showing the listener how selfless she can be when she’s with the right one, and that’s something we all need and we could all learn from. You can catch Holly singing at a number of events throughout the city and seeing her perform is nothing short of inspiring. Catch Holly at a show near you, or check out her growing playlist below!