Jasmine Kiara – Turn You Good

Toronto talent creeps through the streets like blood through a vein. Every week I find myself bopping my head and stank facing a new artist that shows more promise than their A-List competitors, and this week, Jasmine shows her vast melodic skill set and serenades us with her latest single Turn You Good.

Turn You Good is a bittersweet symphony of sadness being reflected into happiness and perseverance. Jasmine sings about her heart break and sorrows and promises to use them for the better in hopes to grow and nourish others. Singing about the brutal honesty and pain of love, the affection needed for mutual growing, showing her selflessness and her beautiful side after hinting at a past of pain and neglect. The slow paced instrumentals lay a solid foundation for the listener to focus on the singing and really take in the message. A soft guitar solo plays before a more prominent piano over shadowing the instrumental and the pieces all come together to form a truly wonderful work of art. The entirety of the song sounds like hopelessness being overwhelmed with a hint of hope and love and it all comes together to really play with your emotions.

Jasmine really outdid herself with this project and we are excited to hear more.