The Come Up Show Podcast featured on CBC Radio One

The Come Up Show Podcast was featured on CBC Radio One program Podcast Playlist which curates the best content and stories from the podcast world. Hosted by DJs Matt Galloway and Lindsay Michael. They featured a small piece of our audio documentary Northern Stars: Exploring the alternative to Toronto’s sound This was played on CBC Radio One across Canada and the podcast was uploaded online. Here is the write up from Podcast playlist about our podcast.

The Come Up Show is a music podcast that gets into the minds of some of the biggest names in Hip-hop and R&B, as well as up-and-coming Canadian talent. Every week host DJ Chedo introduces listeners to a different artist, bringing us in-depth interviews about their journey and life as a creative. In this special episode of TCUS, we learn about the complexities of Toronto’s music scene.

Canada has had a longstanding association with rock music. But thanks to stars like Drake and The Weeknd, many independent artists have been able to rise from the underground and add to the city’s unique sound.

While rock is great in its own right, TCUS proves that the Canadian music landscape is evolving and diversifying.

I love discovering new music, especially by local talent. So right after I listened to this episodeof TCUS I updated my music library and checked my local concert listings! Whether you’re a music lover like me or an artist trying to come-up in your local scene, I highly recommend listening to this podcast.

-Kelsey Cueva, Podcast Playlist.

Start listening around the 13th minute mark for the feature on The Come Up Show.