Derin Falana – Don’t Save Me

Shot by @7thKind

In a city full of talent, and an industry full of unoriginal sounds, 1 specific artist stands out to us. With a vast discography of incredible music, authentic bar-for-bar Hip Hop, and a heavy team on his back, Derin Falana loads up his clip and goes to war on this 8 track record composed of years of experience to show the city what he’s really made of.

Don’t Save Me is Falana at his most purest and realest form. Full Super Saiyan.

Derin Falana is no stranger to Hip Hop. With a long history of singing, rapping and producing under his belt, it’s not surpise to hear the years of experience bottled into 1 timeless project after a short hiatus. A set of singles kept fans at bay until the long awaited record was dropped 2 weeks ago, and quickly racked up well over 100,000 plays on Spotify alone.

These numbers are not new to Falana, but his style and approach in the songs might be new to some fans. The first half of the record is pure Hip Hop, a handful of tracks showing Falana’s rawest form over some very authentic, pure-bread Rap production, while the second half slowly transitions into more melodic R&B, giving Falana the opportunity to serenade his fans and show his fluidity and versatility on one of his biggest releases to date.

Me personal favourite track is Go Figure, a hard hitting song showing Derin being as heavy as ever, showing his ego and pride on the track and proving to himself that he’s got nothing to prove to anyone else. A track showing the cliche and mundane aspects of fake people’s lives while showing the listeners he’s beyond that. A track I often find myself relating to Drake and Jay Z’s Off That. The remaining 7 songs have just as much weight and wordplay in them, with just as much love and time poured into it.

Derin clearly worked his ass off for this record and he has a very important message to tell the people, and his connection to his fanbase is pure and real, always talking to his people, staying close with the fans and showing his love and support just as much as we do. Check out Don’t Save Me below and the rest of Derin’s discography, which has just as many timeless tracks as this does.