M1RZA – Running

Artwork by M1RZA himself

M1RZA has been consistent with his latest releases and there’s no surprise, the young singer has been dropping gems and the numbers prove it. With a handful of smooth, melodic singles dropped in the past few weeks, one stood out to us and quickly became one of our favourites.

Running shows M1RZA adapting to the faster life, a more self destructive life full of lust and quick emotions. The sexual innuendos and deep wordplay is quickly overshadowed by the serenades and melodies that pepper the song, showing his versatility and fluidity to adapt to any setting on a record. The beautiful vocals and intimate lyricism is topped off with production by the genius SLMN, a genius producer that needs no introduction.

Give the record a spin below and keep your eyes out for more from M1RZA, as we approach a colder, darker season, I expect the him to flourish and pour his heart out in whatever he has coming next, as always.