Holly Santonato – Why

This time of the year, the music out of Toronto tends to make like the weather, with colder, darker vibes being pushed through each record and since the rise of popular R&B out of Toronto, that formula has become a staple in the music scene.

But the dark cloud of singers doesn’t stop the shine that Holly brings each and every record. Holly Santonato has been mentioned many times here on The Come Up Show, and that’s because we believe in her, and her music. Her latest record Why only solidified our belief that she is truly one of the smoothest singers we’ve heard in a while.

Taking her music into the hands of slow paced R&B with a little jazz took her sound to new heights. Her voice and flow matches the production perfectly. Touching on the troubles of love, Holly shows her passion and love for music with this heart felt record. Check out Why below and definitely make sure to check out Holly playing all around the city, she really knows how to throw a show, bringing classic, smooth vocals to a venue near you!