Photography by Rhyan Correia

TOBi: You have to ask yourself, why am I doing this?

All photography by Rhyan Correia for The Come Up Show.

My special guest today goes by the name of TOBi, who I’m humbled to have on The Come Up Show podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation, it gave me life and clarity about TOBi’s thought process, his insight and he’s well read. As many prolific readers are, TOBi can spit them bars, you might have seen his freestyle battle against Tory Lanez go viral, which he feels was a lifetime ago.

In our conversation we talked about how you have to be comfortable with plateauing, there are going to be periods where you feel like there is no growth. During those times, you might feel disheartened, TOBi usually asks himself “Why am I doing this?” it’s a great reminder of why he chose his path that I related with. There are a lot of gems in this interview that I know you’ll enjoy.