Ruben Young talks Dreamstate, trusting yourself and how to remove yourself from your art

The Come Up Show podcast is back with a brand new interview! 

Our special guest goes by the name of Ruben Young, originally from Calgary, Alberta, and now resides in Toronto. Since Ruben’s debut in 2017, he has released six singles and earned millions of streams, independently, on his own label, Young and Lucky. BOSS! *Rick Ross voice*

Ruben’s crossover sound has given him the opportunity to share the stage with a diverse resume of artists from The Chainsmokers, Akon, Classified, Langston Francis and the Phony Ppl. 

Ruben’s debut EP Dreamstate is an introduction to his world, and the time he spent travelling across North America writing and collaborating with other artists/producers. His writing experience includes sessions with T-Minus (Drake, Justin Bieber), Chin Injeti (Eminem, P!NK), Kuya Productions (Alessia Cara, JRDN), Classified, Slakah The Beatchild, and the list goes on. 

This EP is a step into the world of the blurry middle ground that stands between our dreams and the realities we crave. Ruben Young.

Ruben has become best known for his single “Rachel Green” (over one million streams), an ode to 90’s dream girl played by Jennifer Aniston on ‘FRIENDS,’ which featured American rapper Hodgy Beats from Odd Future. 

I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation, and I think you will too. We talked about the importance of travel and how time alone in different environments changes you. How in order to trust someone, you have to trust yourself first. We talk about oversaturation in media and the distractions that can take us away from music listening experience and so much more.