[Review] Droppin Knowledge w/ Phonte, KJ, The Antiheroes & Soul Khan Nov 17 2012 (Toronto)

Dope production, lyricism, story-telling, thought-provoking subject matter, cohesiveness and overall substance are qualities that any hip-hop head would tell you encompasses “real hip-hop.” I could go on a personal diatribe on the term “real hip-hop”, but that’s not why I’m here typing this. What I am here to do is tell you about the night that was November 17, 2012 and the man that exhibited these hip-hop qualities on stage at the El Mocambo. Phonte Coleman, one-third of Little Brother and one-half of The Foreign Exchange, headlined a return concert in Toronto after fronting the Manifesto Festival bill last summer. Check out the full review by hitting the jump!