[Video] Ca$h Cow – “Pound Cake” (Dir: Ca$h Cow)

September 19th, 2013 was a big day in the world of Hip Hop. It marked the day that Canadian rap sensation, Drake, released his Nothing Was The Same album. "Pound Cake" was one of the tracks off this album that featured a beautiful and simplistic beat which sampled the voice of Ellie Goulding in her song "Don't Say A Word." The hip hop community must have loved the production on this song as much as I do because in the following months after the album release, artists such as Papoose, Sikai, Meek Mill and even London's own JR Fillion started to spit their own lyrics over top of this calming beat. The latest rapper to remix "Pound Cake" is unsigned Elmira, New York artist Ca$h Cow. During his rendition of the song he goes through issues regarding minority and race, the American government and all of it faults and he fills us in on a little bit of his background so we can become more familiar with him. The song takes on a very conscious tone, detailing all the problems that are going on in the city and around the world. Be sure to check the visuals out below for "Pound Cake" and read more into the video, and Ca$h Cow himself, after the jump.

[Video] Freddie Gibbs – “Deuces” (Dir: Danny Manhattan)

At the beginning of this month, Freddie Gibbs released an un-official music video for his song "Deuces" which featured the notorious fight between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. Yesterday marked the premiere of the true "Deuces" music video where we see Freddie Gibbs doing what he does best: drug dealing. In "Deuces," Freddie Gibbs is intimidating as ever as we see him living through another day in his hometown of Gary, Indiana. It also comes across that Freddie Gibbs considers himself a modern day Scarface as we see various clips of the original movie in black and white scattered all over this video. Check out the visuals for Freddie Gibbs' "Deuces" below, and make sure you read the rest of the article after the jump.

[Video] 2 Chainz – “U Da Realest” (Dir: Sharod Marcus Simpson)

College Park, Georgia rapper 2 Chainz has released his newest music video for the track "U Da Realest" off of his second solo album B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time. We've seen some interesting and unique videos in the past from 2 Chainz, such as "Birthday Song" or "I'm Different," but this time 2 Chainz tones down the insanity to celebrate the life of his lost friend. The video begins with a 30 second, black and white interlude where we see a man outside of a parking lot in a shouting match with another man before introducing the song itself. The man in the war of words is Puerto Rican Johnny, whose life is remembered throughout this video. The camera fades away from this tense scene to a much happier and lively setting where we see 2 Chainz as well as loads of other kids and adults gathered in a public park sporting Puerto Rican flags and enjoying the day. There are barbecue pits grilling mass amounts of meat and cars of every type placed throughout the scene. All the people shown have turned up to 2 Chainz music video shoot to remember the memory of their departed friend and celebrate his life. The track itself isn't the best when it comes to lyrical content but when it comes to a song like this it's more about the thought put into it then the song itself. 2 Chainz was just remembering a friend in his own way, and even though his physical being might be gone, his soul lives in his family and friends. Be sure to check out the visuals for "U Da Realest" below and make sure to read the rest of the article after the jump.

[Audio] G Milla – “Genetics”

Up and coming Canadian rap artist G Milla puts us in a very uncomfortable situation in his new song "Genetics," yet it's a situation that far too many youth today are in. In "Genetics," G Milla shadows the life of someone who has had a rough life growing up. We learn that the story's protagonist lost his father at a young age and has a mother that has thrown her life away due to a drug addiction. Seeing as the protagonist doesn't have a positive role model, he takes the same route as his mother, drinking, doing drugs and even making and selling them as well. As the song continues, the roller coaster ride that is this man's life takes a turn for the worse. He becomes addicted to the drugs he's selling, he doesn't trust people and needs to have a weapon on him at all times, and he starts to fail school before eventually dropping out for good. The song title "Genetics" is a fitting one; this man is just following the examples his parents had set for him as a kid. It's a dark and depressing song but it's also truthful. There are many people out there suffering the same life as being told in the story. G Milla has made this song for all of those people in the same situation as a way of saying, "If you live this way there will be no positive aspects to your life, it's better to quit while you're ahead before you end up like this." Stream and download "Genetics" below.

[News] Schoolboy Q Announces “Oxymoron” Album Release

Top Dawg Entertainment has taken a stranglehold on the rap game in the past year and to help build onto that success, T.D.E. member Schoolboy Q released a video announcing the official release date for his newest album titled Oxymoron. Instead of sending out a message over social media telling fans when to expect the album, Schoolboy Q made things a little more intriguing by putting together a minute-long trailer for his upcoming project. The video is shot in black and white, and in the visuals we see both Schoolboy and his daughter Joy spending the day together. Q is on the phone with an unknown caller trying to come up with an album release date, while Joy is trying to get her father's attention. We see that Schoolboy Q is too busy speaking on the phone, trying to figure out exactly what day to release the album, instead of paying attention to what his daughter is trying to tell him. Finally after being ignored for too long, Joy reaches down to her drawing pad and printed on the white surface is "#Oxymoron February 25th" in scribbly letters. After seeing what she had wrote, Schoolboy hangs up the phone and embraces his daughter, with the last heartwarming scene showing Joy on Schoolboy's lap with the same drawing board facing the camera. Make sure to cop Oxymoron when it's released on February 25th and check out the video previewing the announcement below.