[Audio] Frankenstein ft. AZ (Delphi Oracle) – “Just Write A Song” (Prod: Frankenstein)

Frankenstein Just Write A Song This track is an unreleased gem taken from Toronto producer Frankenstein's compilation The Science of Sound, in stores March 18th. Frankenstein first stepped onto the scene in '94 with AZ (known together as the duo Delphi Oracle) to release their 12" single "Peace And Quiet". During his time in the industry, Frankenstein has recorded, remixed and mastered tracks for artists such as Choclair, Maestro Fresh Wes, Peanut Butter Wolf, Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz, and T-Love, Thrust. This track reminds me of what I miss in Hip-Hop- that underground, carefree bounce that we've lost in the past decade. Re-mastering this track, especially amidst the hyper-masculine and materialist tracks that have come to define today's society , makes its release a perfect time. Frankenstein's album, "Agony To Ecstasy" album drops later this year on Ill Adrenaline Records. Frankenstein

[Audio] Hagen – “Show Me” (Early Bloomers Remix) (Prod: BMR)

Hagen-Show Me Remix Cover Hagen kills it in this track. Formerly known as Madelae, Hagen allows us to experience his unique spin on Kid Ink and Chris Brown's smash hit, "Show Me". Hagen mashes up the hit with Usher's "You Remind Me"- with a slash of Lauryn Hill- over a dark, moody backdrop produced by BMR. This track is beautiful- it's sultry, soulful, and seamless, combing what was a Pop/Dance/Hip-Hop track and a R&B jam and turns it into a dreamlike, sleepy, ethereal, alternative orchestra of a song. Hagen's incorporation of Usher's "You Remind Me" is clever and melts like better into the rest of the track. Hagen is a New York based emcee and vocalist who, alongside producer BMR, will be releasing their first single from their upcoming LP, Early Bloomers, dropping in April.

[Audio] Khimera – “About Her” (Prod: Arkane Beats & ProFound)

Khimera About Her This hot new track by Khimera is a Valentine's Day ode to the special women in their lives. Over the soulful instrumental are Monty C. Benjamin, Erik Barnum and ProFound, each giving us a unique and touching verse to a special lady. While Valentine's Day has passed, this track is a beautiful dedication to women, regardless of the day. Furthermore, its relatable and even better, it shows these artists' softer sides which is always a bonus! The track includes rhymes on helping their women reach their dreams, wanting to be the perfect guy, crushing on a girl, getting to know her better, and showering her with compliments. How sweet! "About Her" is definitely on replay for me, it's a refreshing break from the constant objectification of women in music and as it turns out, music can still be great without it! Take a listen below and tell me what you think.

[Video] Young Savage – “Camos N J’s” (Dir: Shannon Muir)

Young Savage Camos N Js Young Savage has released his video for "Camos N J's", the title track off his new mixtape. The track, produced by Lee On The Beats, is highly energetic and catchy. Essentially, it's about Camos and Jordans and showing them all off. The video reflects the feel of the track: it's vivid, flashy, colourful, and yet down to earth, featuring Savage rhyming behind a wall of Jordans. I like this video because it's still relatable; after all, it's easier to own J's than wads of cash. The video's quality and editing is wonderful, and adds to the vibe of the track. I commend Savage on his new video, it complements the track perfectly.

[Audio] Adam Reverie – “Black Boy Out In Poverty” (Prod: Stereo Symphony)

adam reverie black boy in poverty I bring you, once again, the poetic, outspoken, and talented Adam Reverie who really brings a whole new meaning to "real Hip-Hop". In this track, Reverie tackles the barriers, discrimination, and obstacles that Black men face financially, in the music industry, and in society. Reverie makes some extremely (and I can't stress this enough) powerful statements in this track, especially in regards to the music industry and society's attempts to maintain a specific stereotype about Black men: "Black boy out in poverty/Understand that the industry's plan/Is to use your mind/To kill us one at a time/All they want is/You to dumb it down/Make a profit and rape the culture", as well as the media's influence on these stereotypes: "If I had the guns to kill the media, I'd shoot them down.../Give me another round". Finally, Reverie addresses the mainstream media directly, putting his words into an action plan that is pro-active and revolutionary: "They feed us this music/That cause us destruction/And all that I hear is excuses/But I'm coming for all y'all/And when I get there you'll know/Cuz I'll up lift my folks/And I ain't playin/You got me hot /Tell Pac and Big don't worry/Might be small/But I do got courage/I'm talking to my people/We can take it a little deeper/And to the mainstream/Cant wait until I meet ya" . The energy that Adam Reverie puts out is incredible, and you can hear how passionate he is about his music, and societal change, especially when it comes to racial discrimination. He uses music and the industry as a way to bring about a new kind of way of thinking about race, and people in general, and I look forward to his takedown of the mainstream media- I know he's a man of his word.