[EP] Slap Nevada – “Ricky James”

Slap Nevada Ricky James Slap Nevada, formerly known as Tree Ave, is a 21-year-old Detroit recording artist who has brought us his new and highly anticipated EP, Ricky James, which I am loving like crazy. In these six tracks, Slap Nevada combines Rap and Hip-Hop with trillstep, trap, 808, and club beats that make this a masterpiece. Slap Nevada is relentless; his tone is eccentric, aggressive, and colourful. His wordplay is absolutely whack and genius, and each track brings you to someplace new, and always just as good as the last place Slap Nevada left your mind. While I absolutely love each track, my top three at the moment are "Holy Ghost", "Killer" and "Player's Ball". Slap Nevada has created his own personality through his music, and his kind of presence, music and energy are exactly what the industry needs right now. I really can't say enough, so I'll stop and let you take a listen and let you say something instead.

[Audio] Left Lane Skrilla – “Come & Go” (Prod: Left Lane Skrilla)

Pray For Me Left Lane Skrilla Left Lane Skrilla is a 21 year-old Baltimore native and an upcoming artist and producer. His new track, "Come & Go" is off his first upcoming project, Pray4Me. There's something about this track that I love; Skrilla's wordplay and voice are smooth and soulful, which is ironic, considering the subject matter is about money, a little bit of violence, and struggling for success. The beat sucks you into a dreamy trance; combined with Skrilla's voice, this track is deep and the beats are on point- I could listen to it all day. Unlike many artists who tackle similar subject matter, Skrilla's chill, slow-talking, almost sultry approach is refreshing; he still drives in his point, but it comes across on a deeper level as if he's personally reaching out to you in the track. Left Lane Skrilla has shown us that he's a great artist and producer, and I'm looking forward to his new project being just as amazing as this track.

[Audio] Tru-Paz – “Cry” (Prod: Dj Unknown)

Tru-Paz Cry Here is the beautiful new single from Tru-Paz, titled, "Cry" from the album Tru to the game without a Pause. This track is about loss- whether it be about losing or missing someone through a break-up, distance, or a fight, as well as losing out on something. Jakie Lu's sultry voice sings the chorus, and you can sense her own loss throughout the track:"You didn't mean to make me cry/But you made me cry/When you say goodbye". Tru-Paz has been together for 10 years, and is made up of 3 men, Akim, Boozie, and Dj Unknown, and 1 woman, Lu, who joined after the crew formed some time later. Together, Tru-Paz has put out 3 albums, won several awards and nominations, including the 2008 MMVA video award nomination for Best Rap Video, and has been in numerous magazines and media websites. This track embodies a certain depth and emotion; it's real music, that's for sure. It adds a personal touch, including becoming a parent, struggling towards success, the aftermath and pain of a damaged relationship, as well as loyalty, and loss. Take a listen below- and try not to cry.

[Audio] Ricky Blaze ft. Chelley – “Take Ya Money” (Prod: Ricky Blaze)

Ricky Blaze Take Ya Money Producer Ricky Blaze is back with a dope new track titled, "Take Ya Money" featuring Chelley. This is definitely going to be a revenge anthem for women this summer, with Chelley taking over this track by simply just being a boss. She rhymes about her emotionless attachment to men, using them for money, and her own fabulousness. And you can't hate on that- all she's doing is reversing some gendered behaviour while at the same time, playing into the stereotype of "Gold Digger" that is constantly thrown at women. So why not sing about it? The track has a bouncy, dancehall vibe with a whistle blowing throughout. Chelley lends her voice to singing as well as rhyming, showing off her talents not just for, as she declares, spending men's money, but as a wonderful, sassy artist.

[Audio] Kensaye ft. Cage Lu & Artcha – “Carrot & Baton”

Kensaye Carrot & Baton In my best attempts to pull off sounding English, this track is bloody great. Kensaye, a French producer based in London, England, gives us his third single off his new project, Back To School, which features MC's from around the world. This track in particular features the MC's Cage Lu and Artcha, and in trying something a little different, Kensaye features himself on the mic as well. Everything about this track is beautifully unconventional, carefully crafted, and impressively influential. There's a blend of different instruments, raspy french, crazy tight wordplay, and an enchanted feel to the track that all combine to make it one thing: magical. Kensaye brings us the new hybrid genre of Hip-Hop that is unashamedly untraditional and absolutely mind-blowing. Witness the unconventional for yourself below.