[Audio] Buddy Lofton – “Love Potion” (Prod: CUSCINO)

Buddy Lofton Love Potion From Queens, New York, Buddy Lofton has released a cool new track titled, "Love Potion", produced by CUSCINO. "Love Potion" mixes Hip-Hop and Rap with Electronic beats, tied in with an East Coast feel. The track is about dreaming up a way to find some kind of "love potion" that makes a person more loyal and trustworthy. Lofton makes it clear that it's difficult to trust anyone anymore: "Watch how you talk/Watch who you trust/Watch who you love/Man, all this watching got me thinking when my time is up/Watch where you're going/What how you leave, they'll leave you open/Man, all this looking got me searching for a love potion". Real wise words, and the truth. Buddy's last release was the full-length project, Under The Influence.

[Audio] Adam Reverie – “Black is Beautiful”

Black is Beautiful Adam Reverie I really appreciate Adam Reverie's beautiful and powerful new track, "Black is Beautiful". From Detroit, Michigan, he has recorded this track to honour Black History Month as well as the Black and Hip-Hop communities. Reverie addresses the use of derogatory names, the need to appreciate and love Black women, and how important it is to love ourselves and one another, reclaiming and believing once again that "Black is Beautiful", especially when we are constantly in a sea of racial negativity and stereotypes. He does it in such a straight-forward and brutally honest way, as you can hear from his rhymes, and uplifts the Black community in an empowering way that I find so admirable and brave, especially when it is done through music. This is a track that should be shared not just during Black History Month, but during every month, because we need it, and because it's true. You really have to listen to this and let me know what you think.

[Audio] Rolls Royce Rizzy ft. Yung Joc – “Switch” (Prod: Tommy Ross)

Switch Rolls Royce Rizzy This is a new single from Atlanta's Rolls Royce Rizzy off his upcoming project Perfect Time'N. Rizzy (looking a little like Mr. Rozay) teams up with Yung Joc for a trap-heavy, catchy track that could easily become a club favourite. These two work well together, and I've got to say the instrumentals get my head shaking every time I take a listen. I'm pretty excited to be hearing Yung Joc on this track; I still have great high school memories walking to the bus stop, singing "I Know You See It" and thinking I was a badass. Take a listen below and tell me what you think.

[Video] Elcee – “HELP” (Dir: HoSo Films)

Elcee- HELP LaShawn Powell, also known as Elcee has released a visual for his track, "HELP", produced by TREET$. Elcee was born in Halifax but currently lives in Toronto. Elcee has done something good with his new track and video; he's purposely made "HELP" a resource to help anyone struggling with addiction and depression, especially alcoholism. Elcee candidly talks about his own experiences through his verses, and shows his fans and his listeners that it's okay to ask for help, and that getting that help will subsequently make you a stronger, wiser, and more optimistic individual. Elcee captures alcoholism perfectly; not just as sporadic event, but as a dangerous, reliable friend: "Would you help me out/Would you help me out, Mr. glass bottle?" I commend Elcee on this track and visual. He's got his head on straight, making honest music that matters, whether it be a track like "HELP" or a homage to Toronto in "For My City". I can't wait for what's next.