[Video] Chris James ft. Pusha T – “Love Hates Me” (Dir: Gravitii Films)

Chris James Pusha T Love Hates Me Dope track alert! Chris James has paired up with King Push for an unexpected new track, "Love Hates Me". It's an angsty love/hate ballad that is so relatable it's eerie. The video is beautifully scenic, but at the same time, explores the rougher patches of relationships. Chicago native Chris James' voice is heart-wrentching in this track, yet uniquely engaging, while Pusha T breaks through the trance James' voice puts you in and acts as the voice of reason. There's two different relationship senarios going on the the video; while both argue and yell throughout, they also make-up, even under the strangest circumstances (hint- surprise ending!). Pusha T's verse is solid; it's brutally honest and reflects the dark side of being in love. Chris James’ debut LP, L.I.F.E., (Love Isn’t For Everyone) will be released in 2014, which will highlight his talents as a songwriter, producer, and soul artist. Watch it below and tell me what you think.

[Audio] Rick Ross ft. Young Jeezy – “War Ready” (Prod: Mike WiLL Made It)

Rick Ross War Ready After releasing his new single "The Devil is a Lie" featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross has brought us another heavy-hitting track featuring former rival Young Jeezy that is jam-packed with heavy trap beats, gun shot sounds, and lots of shouting. After listening to this track, the best comparison I can make is that it sounds like an explosion; there's several layers within the track that take it well beyond a traditionally structured song. Young Jeezy releases some crazy verses, as does Rick Ross; judging from his new singles, I'm starting to think that Rick Ross is going for a new sound. I can't put my finger on it, but maybe he's starting to sound- happier? More enthusiastic? I don't know, but whatever it is, I'm enjoying it. Rozay has also just released the cover art and official track list for his sixth-studio album Mastermind, due out March 4th. Rick Ross mastermind Cover art Rick Ross Mastermind track listing

[Audio] J. Carr ft. Reks – “No Limits” (Prod: O’dell)

No Limits J. Carr ft. Reks This song really tells it how it is. Off J. Carr and O'dell's project Godspeed, this track, in the most brutally honest and raw way, talks about J.Carr's struggles to get to where he is now: "From this day forth/I'm though with hopping over fences/From this day forth/ I'm only hopping in to Benz's/From this day forth/Never stopping is the mission/From this day forth/There's no limits". J.Carr talks about his big dreams, living in poverty, refusing to adhere to mainstream music requirements, and racism. My favourite line hands down: "We work and never idle/Beat the same drum/When your fridge get full don't forget where you came from". So simple yet it's one of the wisest things I've heard in awhile. I applaud J.Carr's decision to reveal his personal struggles; he captures them well. In doing so, he also makes himself relatable, giving listeners something to wholly identify with. Take a listen below and let me know if you agree.

[Audio] Da YoungFellaz – “Chaka Khan” (Prod: Andre Keys)

Chaka Khan As part of their #MusicMonday series, New Yorkers Da YoungFellaz have released their track "Chaka Khan", produced by Andre Keys. First of all, I think Chaka Khan is a goddess, so it comes as no surprise that I have high expectations for this track. There's something about the beats, rhymes and instrumentals (and of course, using samples of Chaka Khan's "Angel") that make this track not just musically appealing, but visually as well. Da YoungFellaz add a new dimension to "Angel" by complementing it with rhymes also about hard times. They take us into a life of danger, distrustful friends, living in The Big Apple, and a lifetime of experiencing and witnessing financial and emotional struggles. Even though the track tackles tough issues, it still remains positive and upbeat. I commend Da YoungFellaz's use of "Angel" for their track and I think they do a great job at turning it into something of their own. Da YoungFellaz's new project The New York Times will be dropping soon.

[Audio] Blood Orange ft. Talen Ted and WriteGroove – “Chosen” (Remix) (Prod: Talen Ted)

Talen Ted Chosen Remix This is an absolutely beautiful remix from Talen Ted, who, alongside WriteGroove, rhyme over Blood Orange's track "Chosen". The original version is already amazing, magical and serene, but adding a layer of rap makes this track sound like a gorgeous medley of unorthodox sounds. The rhymes are smooth and calming; what I love about the rap verses is that they don't interrupt or overpower the instrumentals. Talen Ted and WriteGroove's remix is about a liking a girl but at the same time, her attitude and behaviour make it hard to feel strongly about her: "Even though you've got class and a bit of a**/Your attitude can be bitter and I wanna pass". The wordplay throughout their verses is pieced together perfectly and poetically. This track is reminiscent of an 80s or early 90s pop song combined with today's Indie music. There's also an awesome saxophone playing throughout the track that really makes me feel nostalgic.