[Album] Kids These Days – Traphouse Rock

It's finally here....15 tracks of incredible music. I personally have been waiting for this album to drop since the band released their 'Hard Times' EP last year. I've listened to this album probably 2 or 3 times since they posted the stream up yesterday and now its here for everyone to download and enjoy. Believe me you'll dig it! Hip hop, jazz, alternation, rock, R&B, blues....theres a little bit of everything for everyone on this album. You'll recognize certain melodies, riffs, bass lines, etc and it makes it so much more interesting knowing these kids are paying attention to detail when making their music Talk To You Bud Biliken Download: Kids These Days - Traphouse Rock

[Video] Make Today Legendary x ManifesTO

Another ManifesTO clip from our good friends over at Make Today Legendary. They had their 1st table set up this year as a part of the festivities and had a photographer around to capture the experience. A couple cameo's from Chedo & myself as the 'First Look Cypher' was going on! As you can tell most of the crew is rocking the MTL gear: hats, baseball t's, hoodies, etc. Make sure you check out their site (click on the name) to keep up and stay tuned for more. Don't forget - we have 24 hours in a day...What are you doing to make it legendary?

[Audio] Kanye West – White Dress

Ooooooooooh this is the type of Kanye I've personally been waiting for. He goes in for a good 3 minutes and just kills it. Who knows who exactly Kanye is speaking of in this tune...whether its Kim or Amber...either way its that introspective, story-telling type Kanye. The beat is nice and was produced by RZA, Kanye himself and Boogz Tapez and the track will be on the soundtrack to RZA's upcoming movie The Man With The Iron Fists. Download: Kanye West - White Dress