[Review] Waka Flocka Flame @ The Kool Haus (Toronto) October 17th 2012

Waka Flocka Flame has “it” factor. Whether you consider that a good "it" or a bad “it” depends on which side of the rap ideological spectrum you fall on. Fan and critical opinions aside, there’s one thing all rap followers can agree on: his 2010 major-label debut, Flockaveli, completely altered the contemporary rap landscape. Buoyed by Lex Luger’s, apocalyptic 808s and slasher film synths, Flockaveli was a relentless assault, 17 songs of boisterous ad-libs, machine gun sound effects and post-crunk rage MCing - the rap equivalent of a Red Bull IV drip. The aggressive “trap” sound that it spawned quickly became monolithic in street rap. Two years after Flockaveli, Flocka is enjoying the spoils of a rapper in the midst of a full-on crossover marketing blitz – cover stories for traditional rock publications, endorsements with left-leaning interest groups, posing for hipster-baiting celebrity photographers. Whether or not these new comforts and an expanded audience will cause Waka to lose the primal urgency that made Flockaveli a gangsta rap epoch remains to be seen, but Waka's career has certainly taken a turn towards corporate synergy that's impossible to ignore. Click on the link to read the entire review

[Review] Yelawolf at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto (05/26/12)

“Damn, I thought Montreal was off the chain. You motherfuckers live as fuck!” said 31-year-old, Alabama-born rapper Yelawolf, shortly after taking the stage in front of a sold-out crowd at Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theatre on Saturday night.

Yelawolf Performance at The Phoniex Concert Theatre 2012 Toronto

Heavily tattooed and clad in a black leather jacket, matching toque and white sunglasses, Yelawolf surveyed the raucous crowd that was every bit as eclectic as his music. The motley collection of frat boys, sneakerheads, skate punks, crust punks, metal dudes, musclebound roid-monkeys, suburban teenage girls and Juggalos that had been chanting his name intermittently for 30 minutes before he took the stage, now gazed at the Gadsden, Alabama native, their rabid cheering somewhere between extreme adoration and deranged excitement. "Continue to the full post to read the full review".