[EP] Purple Hearts – Purple Hearts I

A while back you heard the first single from Toronto's Purple Hearts, "Know Go," a collaboration between Brendan Phillip and Lord Quest. Now they're back with a short album/EP, and you can get it FREE on bandcamp. They call their music electronic soul, which is a pretty appropriate description for the smooth vocals and rounded electornic beats that span the album, crooning topics of love and life.

You can stream "Know Go" below, then head to their bandcamp where you can cop it for a limited time -- let me just say it again -- for free. Snap it up!

[audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Know-Go.mp3|titles=Know Go]

Download: Purple Hearts- Purple Hearts I [Bandcamp]

[Video] Sweatshop Union- “John Lennon” (Fan Video by WalkingExplosion)

When I first saw this video, I immediately did a double check through our inbox to see if we had somehow missed the video for Sweatshop Union's latest single "John Lennon." As it turns out, these visuals aren't official, but are rather a really well put together fan video by WalkingExplosion and is, as Sweatshop Union wrote in the youtube comment boards, the best fan video anyone has ever made for them. If you're wondering what all the Bill Murray shots are all about, then you're not acquainted with Sweatshop Union's most recent EP, are you?


BADBADNOTGOOD is a jazz trio from Toronto (Keys, drums, bass) that re-imagines hip-hop tunes in their own post bop-harmonic and melodic language. It appears BBNG's talented constituents are college students, since most of their performance videos and pictures posted up on their tumblr are shot in various classrooms. Staffed wipe boards and retractable desks in mid-sized rooms further suggest they're property of some lucky music faculty.

The present self-titled EP is a collection of previously released covers from artists like Odd Future, Waka Flocka Flame, and A Tribe Called Quest. It's tip top. Get the EP over on their bandcamp, and watch "The Odd Future Sessions Part 1" below. Gratias, Potholes In My Blog.

[Mixtape] Tyler, The Creator – Summer Camp

The "Fuck a tracklist, figure it out" mentality of certain mix artists is the reason I am going to have a gummy worm squiggling around in my head for the rest of the summer. FlyLo's Lovers Melt 2 has me all up on google desperately trying to figure out where the HELL some of its amazing sounds call home. Mick Boogie and Dj Jazzy Jeff's recent Summertime 2 mix is more merciful, as they've divvied it up into individual tracks which file into your itunes neatly. But Tyler, The Creator's Summer Camp mix, like FlyLo's, is a little more of an exercise for the hippocampus because it loads into your player in a huge MP3 file with no further hint of the music's sources except for the sounds themselves.

Tyler's Summer Camp has more mainstream and present-day choices than FlyLo's Lovers Melt 2, however, with a lot of N.E.R.D., T.I., Badu ... you get the idea. If you're too old for the summer camp you went to as a kid, now's the time to start a new one.

Update: View the tracklist by viewing the full post/

Download: Tyler, The Creator - Summer Camp [Odd Future]


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