Paul Camilleri

[Audio] Derin Falana- “Vacation” (Prod. Po, & The Technician)

flan Derin Falana,  the Brampton, Ontario based emcee previously known as "The Flan" is back with a new track entitled "Vacation". Produced by frequent collaborator Po, as well as The Technician, Derin visualizes his ideal trip away from his worries in this summer tune. After dropping "Interstellar" just one month ago, and the visual for his track "Wit'it", Derin decided it was time to unleash some new fire. It's hard to believe that it's almost been half a year since Derin dropped his positively received debut mixtape "905", but with a name change and numerous hits between then and now, it's surely been a big year for the Brampton based emcee. "Vacation" starts off with a focus on the Po, & The Technicians production, while Derin jumps in right as the beat drops. Derin's easy going lyrics and flow mesh perfectly with the summer vibes that the production brings. The hook also emulates some summertime emotions which feel oh so right. Considering the season is coming to an end, and we're all clinging to whats left of beach season, find some time to bring this track with you, and finally make it to that vacation you've been waiting for. Derin Falana has a way with his tracks. It's almost as though you can feel how comfortable he is on the beat, and it translates into some confident bars. After hearing about his name change, I was worried that The Flan was no more. I've never been so happy to be wrong.

[Audio] Vic Mensa- “I Been” (Prod. Smoko Ono & Mike Dean)

vic Hyde Park, Chicago emcee Vic Mensa lets us know what he's been up to on his new track "I Been", produced by Smoko Ono, and Mike Dean. Vic lays his bars down over some hard hitting production, showing his versatility on the track. Victor Mensah has been known to work with some legendary artists such as: Kanye West on "U Mad", and "Wolves", as well as his track "No Chill" featuring the ever talented producer Skrillex. In addition, he's also collaborated with the rising star Chance the Rapper, and was on the 2014 edition of XXL's Freshman Class. With 2 mixtapes under his belt, "Straight Up", and "INNANETAPE", as well as an internationally known track entitled "Down On My Luck", Vic is doing quite well for someone who was just named a freshman. "I Been" starts off with Vic and his vocals, which serves as an introduction to whats to come. Before long the production courtesy of Smoko Ono and Mike Dean, with additional production by Carter Lang & Papi Beatz, brings a hard hitting element to the track at the perfect time. Vic tends to bend words at will, showing different angles of his versatility, combined with his confident lyrics. Vic is gearing up for his debut album entitled "Traffic" which is slated for a 2015-2016 release. Since before his signing to Roc-a-Fella Records, and Roc Nation, Vic has been on a win streak. One that doesn't seem like it's going to end anytime soon.  

[Audio] With You.- “Ghost” (Ft. Vince Staples) (Prod. With You.)

withyou With You., & Vince Staples combine two worlds. Successfully merging With You.'s addictive electronic sound with Vince's raw and gritty lyrics, "Ghost" is a track that you won't want to sleep on. Allow the electrifying production to hypnotize you while Vince lays the bars down. With You. is an outlet that the artist's involved utilize to share musical and visual ideas with the world. They aim to combine influences from different times, scenes, and genres to create something new, fresh, and unheard. With You. consists of 5 members, Dave "Switch" Taylor (one of the founding members of Major Lazer), Rick Trainor, Jeff Penalva, Noah Schy, and Daouda Leonard. The Long Beach, California emcee Vince Staples has been making waves lately as an artist to watch out for. Vince was also just named once of XXL's 2015 Freshman Class alongside Goldlink, Fetty Wap, Raury, and Tink,  If you're feeling the lyrics in "Ghost", check out one of Vince's newest releases "Norf Norf", from his newest album "Summertime 06'". "Ghost" starts off with some addictive electronic beats that get you wondering how exactly Vince is going to tackle this. Before long, a confident Vince jumps in with his raw lyrics that sit on the production perfectly. The track likes to alternate the focus from the production to the lyrics quite often, and does it in such a harmonious way that it's easy to forget these worlds of music are far from alike. This track is a perfect representation of With You.'s mission, to combine influences from different times, scenes, and genres, to create something previously unheard. The combining of worlds is very apparent here, which is one of the reasons the seemingly perfect match up of sound may surprise the listener at the beginning, but by the end turns into something familiar, yet not at all.

[Video] Mac Miller- “100 Grandkids” (Prod. Sha Money XL)

100g Mac is back. After the release of his positively received "Faces" EP in 2014, Mac graces us with the first drop from his newly announced "GO:OD AM" album, that is slated for a September 18th release. Under the name of "100 Grandkids" Mac incorporates some jazz elements with some funky additions in classic Mac Miller fashion.

"I put the hero in heroin" - Mac Miller - 100 Grandkids

The track itself is a welcomed addition to Mac's ever expansive library, and starts off with some vintage sounds, something reminiscent of an old-school game show. Before long the beat jumps right in allowing Mac's lyrical prowess to trample all over the beat, produced by the legendary Sha Money XL. With some hints of Bad Boy in the hook, Mac is at the top of his game for the lead single from his long awaited third album. As far as the visuals go, immediately you'll notice the viewer is a part of the crowd, watching an odd live performance by Mac himself and a crowd of live performers. Mac's creativity and imagination has never been lacking, creating an entertaining viewing experience for anyone who has the pleasure of watching this visual. Classic Mac. Mac's third album "GO:OD AM." is slated for a September 18th release, and the world is sitting eagerly for the follow up to the impressive "Watching Movies With The Sound Off". If you're up to pre-order this album, head over to HaveAGoodAM, and if you're really feeling it, you can pre-order his breakfast special, which includes: a breakfast special edition CD, the "GO:OD" AM digital album, "100 Grandkids" digital single, one serving of "GO:OD AM" cereal, a plastic cereal bowl, and a surprise item. I know what I'm ordering.

[Video] Locksmith- “Lessons” (Dir. Jesse Ray Diamond)

locksmithlessons Locksmith is back with a new video from his "Lofty Goals" album, this time he visualizes his track "Lessons" featuring Braden Blair. Lock is quite reflective on this track, treating his past as lessons for the future, an inspiring way for anyone to live. The visual starts off with Lock on his own in some scenic situations, allowing him to reflect on life, in every way imaginable. I personally am a big fan of the imagery used in the visual directed by Jesse Ray Diamond, not only does the scenic background showcase Lock's outlook on his life and current career, but the long roads that can be seen in the background represent the seemingly endless path that Lock has had to take to get to where he is (and where he's headed). The visuals also directly relate to the lyrics, with Braden Blair singing: "So long, so long, how do I stay so long? No matter what it takes hold on, no matter what it takes go on", some truly inspiring words. Lock is truly at the top of his game with "Lofty Goals", and the visuals are no different. It is quite apparent that Lock is the type of artist that can really go far in Hip-Hop, and the world. It's more than just being able to spit a dope bar (which he surely can), its more than just lyrical content (which Lock is not lacking), its the mindset, the focus, the consistency, a positive outlook, the ability to learn, the passion, and the work ethic. Lock's going to be huge one day, and we'll be by his side every step of the way.