[Interview] Elcee talks “LeoSoul,” success, and personal growth

Elcee Interview on The Come Up Show Interview by: Eternity Martis When I first meet LaShawn Powell, also known by his stage name, Elcee, the first thing I notice is how surprisingly down-to-earth he is. I’d say I agree with rapper Earl Sweatshirt when he boils it down to Toronto rappers being “grandma nice”, but that couldn’t be the case. Born in Nova Scotia, and raised between Windsor and Toronto, Elcee’s graciousness is not a symptom of too-nice carebear T.O rappers, nor a facade- it’s an admirable, innate characteristic. Elcee has been recoding music for the past few years, but it wasn’t until the release of his #SoundCloudSundays series that a true, dedicated artist was born. And what makes an artist true? One that has the courage to be forthright about his experiences, and has the desire to inspire the same bravery in others. He mixes Hip-Hop with R&B, Rap, and beats ranging from dreamy to bass-thumping, all without needing to justify or label himself. Articulate, well-spoken, and composed, Elcee is careful about what he says and how he says it. He understands the fine line between narcissism and confidence, and that no success comes without struggle. I sat down with Elcee to discuss music, success, and personal growth, as well as his upcoming project, LeoSoul, produced by Bonham and set to drop July 23rd. Read the interview after the jump.

[Podcast] Canadian Music Week: Jimmy B (Bonus Episode)

Jimmy B Podcast on The Come Up Show I thought I told you that we don't stop! Our Canadian Music Week series may be in the bag, but we wanted to give you one more interview before going back to our regularly scheduled programming on The Come Up Show Podcast. For our bonus episode, our own Colton Beausoleil chops it up with Jimmy B of SmashMouth Entertainment. Listen to the podcast below and read what Colton had to say about the interview:
"It’s been a minute since we’ve spoken to Jimmy B. Last time we spoke was in March briefly, when the whole SmashMouth team was down for their SmashMouth Mentality show in London. I was glad to sit down and speak with him about what he’s been up to lately. The promotion for his latest project, L.O.R.D.S, is still going strong, dropping video after video, so I wanted to sit down and speak with him about what kind of response he's received from it, because all in all, it stands as a voice for Toronto’s younger generation. We spoke on if he ever had any regrets dropping out of school to pursue music, what the most important thing he’s learned since being part of the SmashMouth team, and what the importance is of keeping things in the pocket and always being a step ahead. It’s always fun whenever we link up with anyone from the SmashMouth team and Jimmy B had an insane performance opening for Hopsin at the Kool Haus just after we spoke. Jimmy B has a lot of new stuff in the works, so I was excited to sit down and speak with him and see just what we can expect in the near future." - Colton
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[Podcast] Canadian Music Week: Teedra Moses

Teedra Moses Podcast on The Come Up Show Today marks the end of our celebration of Canadian Music Week on The Come Up Show Podcast. If you haven't been following along, we've been dropping brand new podcasts every day this week, featuring interviews with artists we had the chance to talk to at the festival. Yesterday, we brought you an interview with Tre Mission. Today, Chedo catches up with Teedra Moses. Listen to the podcast below and read what Chedo had to say about the interview:
"It was an honor for me to sit down with Teedra Moses. Her album Complex Simplicity is a classic R&B project in my opinion, and I caught up with her at The Main Ingredient at Revival during CMW. I started off the interview by asking Teedra why she chose to call out a critic named Chris Richards who says Dre is "merely an example of an artist getting much richer by abandoning art." Teedra defended Dr.Dre -- you can tell she is a Hip-Hop head. As a youth, Teedra Moses was inspired by her own mother, a successful gospel singer, and she tells us the influence her mother had on her since our interview was a day before Mother’s Day. Business is always a challenge for many musicians, and Teedra shared some obstacles she faced and gave valuable advice to artists on how they can make money. We also talked about the new upcoming EP Cognac And Conversations and what we should expect, why Teedra Moses prefers to record alone in her own space, what music means to her, and three words to describe her journey these past ten years. Find out what they are and more in our interview." - Chedo
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[Podcast] Canadian Music Week: Tre Mission

Tre Mission Podcast on The Come Up Show Our celebration of Canadian Music Week on The Come Up Show Podcast is almost at an end. All week long, we've been releasing brand new podcasts every day with artists that we interviewed during the week. Yesterday, we brought you an interview with Mike Boyd. Today, Chedo sits down with Tre Mission. Listen to the podcast below, and read what Chedo had to say about the interview:
"It was a pleasure to interview Tre Mission; he’s been building his buzz in the city, and I heard positive reviews from his set at the Isaiah Rashad show. I interviewed him at the HustleGRL showcase during Canadian Music Week and started it off asking him what his mission is as an artist and musician. We talk about what he feels have been the keys to his success so far in his journey, and why travelling and seeing new places is so crucial to his artistry. He shared a neat tip that increased his travels around the world, and it’s something so simple that you can do. We got deep for a moment and Tre Mission shared his beliefs about thought manifestation and energy, and then we got “ratchet” when I got into a new segment called Tweets is Watching. I went to Tre Mission's Twitter account and pulled interesting tweets that I had him expand upon, and it made for a lot of fun and interesting explanations." - Chedo
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