[Review] Phife Dawg Concert @ Apk Live Feb 16 (London)

The Phife Dawg concert at Alex P. Keaton (APK) Live on Thursday, February 16 was quite a special affair, as it was Phife Dawg’s first show in London, Ontario. In addition, there was a strong line-up of South Western Ontario opening Hip-Hop acts, including Young Stunna, Soundminds, and Raz Fresco, who were backed up by highly respected local DJ, DJ Ruckus, who also recently DJ’ed for Raekwon at his concert on January 20th at the London Music Hall Check the post for the full review.

[Review] Sts- The Illustrious

STS (A.K.A. Sugar Tongued Slim’s) debut full-length album, The Illustrious, which was released in late December of 2011, is an brilliant piece of musical artistry from the highly talented Atlanta, Georgia bred emcee. In an genre where true emceeing and rapping talent are few and far between, STS' slick emceeing style and poetic lyrics are like a breath of fresh air. However, lately it seems that there has been a re-emergence or renaissance of a significant number of talented artists in the past few years, including, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Yelawolf (to name a few). Now the interesting thing about STS is that he actually started out as a poet performing at local poetry slams in Atlanta, Georgia to make some money, until somebody told him that he should rap. And the rest was history, or rather, is part of modern Hip-Hop history in the making. Click the post to read the full review.

[Review] Unexpected Victory Concert featuring Raekwon and JD Era

JD Era at London Music Hall It has been who knows how long since Raekwon performed in the city of London, Ontario. Friday January 20th was an evening to remember as the Unexpected Tour made its first stop at the Music Hall. Raekwon (A.K.A. “The Chef”) demonstrated that he still has the passion and strong emcee skills that he displayed on his debut album Only Built for Cuban Linx back in 1995. And even though the Raekwon and JD Era concert at the London Music Hall was not sold out on Friday night, there was a good sized crowd of Raekwon and Wu-Tang Clan supporters who had nothing but love and respect for one of rap’s finest storytellers. Check out the rest of the review by clicking the post title.

[Review] Wale Concert @ London Music Hall

Wale at London Music Hall

Saturday’s concert at the London Music Hall marked Wale’s second concert in London, since he opened for Jay-Z during his Blueprint 3 album tour in 2009 at the John Labatt Centre. And the Wale fans were definitely out in full force on Saturday night at the London Music Hall, as the venue was practically full to capacity for the Wale and Richie Blackz concert. Continue to the full post to read the review.

[Review] Phil Ade- Friday II Mixtape

Prolific Maryland emcee Phil Ade definitely goes hard on his latest mixtape, Friday II, which was released through his record label, 368 Music Group on December 30, 2011 and mixed by DJ Money. Now the interesting thing about Phil Ade is that he is a rapper from the Suburbs of Maryland, yet Phil Ade rhymes like he is straight from the hood. However, these days it is becoming more and more common for rappers to come from all walks of life and different socio-economic levels, as Hip-Hop has become ever increasingly main stream. However, Phil Ade does not try and be anyone else on his records; he just raps from the heart. For instance, on Ade’s remix of Drake’s “Headlines”, Phil Ade rhymes, “this prodigy cause a havoc, but I ain’t deep in the mob, rappers tell me who has it, because I’m leavin’ them robbed”. Moreover, the thing I love about Phil Ade is that he doesn’t try to take himself too seriously and just has fun with his rhymes. For instance, as Phil Ade points out on “Make A Move”, “I’m going a hundred miles and running the game, bringin’ back the fun to the game, hip-hop music, we one and the same”. Not to mention the fact that Phil Ade has some serious rhyming skills, as demonstrated in the previous song lyric quotes from “Deadlines” and “Make A Move”. Click on the post title to read the full review.