Albums that the artist releases for free.

[Album] JR Mint – Canadian Mint

I posted a couple of leaks from this project and including one thtat featured NY's Emilio Rojas a few weeks ago that lead to the release of JR's Canadian Mint album. I'm going to give Canadian Mint some serious spins, the album includes features from Smoke DZA, Freck Billionaire, Emilio Rojas, JD Era and production from M-Phazes, Tone Mason, MoSS, Rich Kidd and more. 1. Intro 2. Alligator Green (prod. Arthur McArthur) 3. Do It Right ft. Emilio Rojas (prod. J. Glaze) 4. Will Do (prod. Beathoven) 5. Money Bagz ft. Freck Billionaire (prod. Pro Logic) 6. Gimme Time (prod. Rich Kidd) 7. Big $#!T Poppin' ft. Roshin & JD Era (prod. Fameless) 8. Talk 2 U (prod. Rich Kidd) 9. Game Over (prod. Rich Kidd) 10. Party On ft. Omar LinX (prod. Arthur McArthur) 11. Brand Name (prod. M-Phazes) 12. That Feeling ft. RayRay Malone (prod. Tone Mason) 13. Smoke Out (prod. MoSS) 14. Hunger Pain ft. Deuce Wonder (prod. MoSS) 15. The Bakery ft. Smoke DZA (prod. Beathoven & Ikaz) 16. Til The Mornin' ft. Lokz (prod. Arthur McArthur) 17. Flyin' High (prod. Arthur McArthur) Download Free Album  JR Mint - Canadian Mint

[Review] Tyler the Creator – Goblin

So, it’s finally here. It’s been much blogged about, much anticipated, debated and discussed. It’s the first official release by Tyler the Creator of LA teen rap collective, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Receiving acclaim from the likes of Mos Def, Kanye West, and various blogs (not including 2dopeboyz and naahright) this has to be one of the “it” releases of 2011. I’ve had about two weeks to give this album and Tyler’s movement a good looking over and analysis, and this is what I got. Click below to read the full review.

[Audio] The Happy Unfortunate – “The World Is Mine” ft. Muneshine

If your back is itchy, scratch someone else's. I was quickly checking my messages before logging off for the night when I was enticed by a link to a Canadian Winter piece by the Canadian music whisperer blog herohill. Unprompted and unexpected, they wrote a nice word or two about us and our coverage of CW (as well as how awesome CW is obvi). Once I was there however, I realized it had been a while since my last tear around the hill, so to catch up I spent two hours combing through Naedoo and Ack's always-thorough posts treasure hunting (Naedoo, if you see a spike in hits, blame me).

Needless to say, it's way fahking past my bedtime now. But I've come back with a few gems, one of which is new music from Winnipeg hip-hop duo The Happy Unfortunate. "The World Is Mine" features a guest verse from TCUS fav Muneshine, and takes a home on the February released record No Time To Sleep. Ironic title.

Stream "The World Is Mine" below then head to their bandcamp to download the entire album for free while it lasts.


[Album] Quake & Kayo- The Search

I think I respond to new music really well when I discover it on my own or someone with a good music judgement tells me to take a listen. Not when an artist tells me "check out my music it's the shit". When Classified came to town a couple of weeks ago, Kayo was touring with him and he knew I was doing going to do an interview with Classified, Kidz in The Hall, J-Bru, basically everyone in the crew, I could sense he wanted me to interview him but he didn't directly ask me and plus I wasn't familiar with Kayo's music. After paintball I was about to head home to freshen up and Classified asked me to do an interview with Kayo, I was like cool. I went home took a shower, made some food, and researched what Kayo was about. I was surprised and I was so happy that I didn't miss the opportunity to interview Kayo...watching music videos like Heavy this young artist from St.Lucia really wowed me. My interview with Kayo should be out Mid-may for now enjoy this new album by Quake & Kayo- The Search. Update: April 19, 2011. Kayo just released an EP on itunes today, entirely produced by Classified. You can purchase it on itunes now. P.S. Quake actually added me to BBM a week before telling me about this project but I completely forgot about it.