[EP] Break Science – Further Than Our Eyes Can See

Break Science is producers Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee who make banging fusion hip-hop that more than nods to modern electronic music. The drum break that characterizes hip-hop at its fundamentals is always there (hence "Break Science)," but what these two layer above it around it and beneath it remains stylistically free reign. You can expect thick synth sounds, glitches, digital warbles, vocal effects, MIDI noises, flanging, and just about any other DAW effect these scientists feel like.

In Further Than Our Eyes Can See, a free EP released around the same time as the website for their very own imprint Pretty Lights, they've explored some sludgey dub ("Zion Station" ft CX), captured some really great live head knocking breaks on "Wisdom of Antiquity"  and called in Talib Kweli for a huge track called 'The Alliance." It's kind-of unusual to hear Kweli's verses cut up and glitched out like this so make sure you check it out. If you don't dig it, which I think is pretty much impossible any way, TK comes armed and ready with a snip for you: "Real recognize real and you don't look familiar!"

Stream "The Alliance" ft. Talib Kweli then click "Read The Rest of The Entry" below to see the album artwork and access the download link.

[audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/01-The-Alliance-feat-Talib-Kweli.mp3|titles=01 The Alliance (feat Talib Kweli)]

[EP] Muneshine & Vinyl Frontiers – Larger Than Life

Last week emcee Muneshine and sample based producer Vinyl Frontiers dropped a double teaser --"Easy Does It" and "Freeze"-- for their full EP, Larger Than Life. We've had those tracks on heavy rotation since they came our way, so I'm super excited for all of you to hear the EP in its full glory. Coming in at eight tracks long, it has features from recent Juno nominees Ghettosocks and D-Sisive, Sean Price, Termanology, Timbuktu, The Get By, and the one and only Rich Kidd. After streaming the classic hip-hop and scratch graced "What Now" (ft. Sean Price & Termanology), click below to see the album art and download. (IT'S FREE, FOLKS!) [audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/08-What-Now-w_-Sean-Price-Termanology-Vinyl-Frontiers-Remix.mp3|titles=08 What Now (w_ Sean Price & Termanology) (Vinyl Frontiers Remix)]

[EP] Canadian Winter – Bundle Up EP + Scattered Flurries

Photo: Robert Michael

Along with Potholes, we're super psyched to be presenting the Bundle Up EP + Scattered Flurries EP from Hamilton ON's Canadian Winter. Emcee Kobi told us in an interview that this collection of singles (Bundle Up) and remixes (Scattered Flurries) can be thought of as a "trailer" to their full length debut LP Just Wait Till February set for release on February 1st. Both Bundle UP and JWTF are concept albums that creatively chronicle Kobi's first experiences in Canada since he moved here two years ago from Woking, Surry. The full album will be available for purchase through Dr. Disc and Laced in Hamilton, BandCamp, and good old fashioned contact through their twitter. In all, the EP The Come Up Show presents today is a nice collection of Hamilton born tunes that feature some highly original sample/live oriented production and detail oriented narrative lyricism. Gather around, Canadian Winter's gotta story to tell. Stream "Plaid Shirts" ft. Queen Cee below, and hit the skip to see Jeremy Kemeny's artwork, view the tracklisting, and download. [audio:https://thecomeupshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/6.-Plaid-Shirts.mp3|titles=6. Plaid Shirts]

[EP] Emay – Mind Altering Dynamics

Last week you heard "Iron Pulse (Starboy)," the first single from Hamilton experimental producer and emcee Emay. And now, thanks to Emay's cahoots with the righteous sites Potholes In My Blog and Pigeons and Planes -- both indie and hip-hop based blogs that appropriately reflect this producer's style-- we get to hear the EP in full. When we caught up with Emay last week, he said this EP is sort of a side track project from his forthcoming full length album that is based around the music of the shoegazer band slowdive. But Emay's taste for frequency saturated and reverb heavy soundscapes isn't bracketed out in this project, nor is his penchant for effectively setting creepy ass samples. Just check out the beginning of "Iron Pulse (Staaaaaarbooooy)" [my emphasis], and tell me you don't envision some deranged psychopath sitting eerily still, head tilted, in the corner of a room.

Stream the wonderful skin crawling "Iron Pulse" below, then hit the skip to check out Erik Kirtley's artwork and violently attack the download link (via. Potholes).