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[Photo Gallery] #ShotbyDrew Presents- Yelawolf Performance at the Phoniex Concert Theatre

Yelawolf Performance at The Phoniex Concert Theatre 2012 Toronto

On Saturday May 26, The Come Up Show team had the amazing opportunity to interview Yelawolf at his Meet and Greet at Community54. That interview will be coming soon to The Come Up Show TV to make sure to subscribe. We also had the opportunity to catch his performance at the Phoniex Concert Theatre. Look out for the review tomorrow! For now check out our amazing photography #ShotbyDrew aka Andrew Stephenson. You aren't going to find any pictures like this from the show so make sure to share them with your friends! Update: Check out our review of the Toronto concert!

[Review] Phife Dawg Concert @ Apk Live Feb 16 (London)

The Phife Dawg concert at Alex P. Keaton (APK) Live on Thursday, February 16 was quite a special affair, as it was Phife Dawg’s first show in London, Ontario. In addition, there was a strong line-up of South Western Ontario opening Hip-Hop acts, including Young Stunna, Soundminds, and Raz Fresco, who were backed up by highly respected local DJ, DJ Ruckus, who also recently DJ’ed for Raekwon at his concert on January 20th at the London Music Hall Check the post for the full review.

[Review] Unexpected Victory Concert featuring Raekwon and JD Era

JD Era at London Music Hall It has been who knows how long since Raekwon performed in the city of London, Ontario. Friday January 20th was an evening to remember as the Unexpected Tour made its first stop at the Music Hall. Raekwon (A.K.A. “The Chef”) demonstrated that he still has the passion and strong emcee skills that he displayed on his debut album Only Built for Cuban Linx back in 1995. And even though the Raekwon and JD Era concert at the London Music Hall was not sold out on Friday night, there was a good sized crowd of Raekwon and Wu-Tang Clan supporters who had nothing but love and respect for one of rap’s finest storytellers. Check out the rest of the review by clicking the post title.

[Gallery] #ShotbyDrew Presents- Rick Ross @ Sound Academy in Toronto

Rick Ross @ Sound Academy in Toronto

Less than a month ago our photography Drew aka #ShotbyDrew got to cover the Rick Ross concert in Toronto. Rozay looks like he definitely rocked the Sound Academy!! Drew as usual got some amazing photos, you can see the set list, the crowd, Rozay titties and much more LOL, just KIDDING! After looking at these photos I was thinking Rick Ross wouldn't be as popular if he was skinny....random thought I know but you think we would love him as much if he weighed 150 pounds? Could he say "I'm the biggest BOSS" with the same demeanour? HA okay just enjoy these photos and as always check out the photo gallery for more amazing photography.

[Review] Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Concert in Toronto @ Mod Club

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert in Toronto

Hailing from Seattle known mostly for Ken Griffey JR’s glory days on the Seattle mariners and the prodigious space needle, Seattle is not explicitly known for breeding MC’s and hip hop like New York or LA. What others might view as an impediment to mainstream stardom, I think it adds a special element to Macklemore as an MC and performer. Having been to a few hip-hop shows with performers from across the globe I can say I’m all too familiar with rappers from more prominent regions performing with a sense of entitlement and giving less than a 100 percent because they happen to be from a notable city. Check out the full review and photography by reading the full post.