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[Gallery] #ShotbyDrew Presents- Rick Ross @ Sound Academy in Toronto

Rick Ross @ Sound Academy in Toronto

Less than a month ago our photography Drew aka #ShotbyDrew got to cover the Rick Ross concert in Toronto. Rozay looks like he definitely rocked the Sound Academy!! Drew as usual got some amazing photos, you can see the set list, the crowd, Rozay titties and much more LOL, just KIDDING! After looking at these photos I was thinking Rick Ross wouldn't be as popular if he was skinny....random thought I know but you think we would love him as much if he weighed 150 pounds? Could he say "I'm the biggest BOSS" with the same demeanour? HA okay just enjoy these photos and as always check out the photo gallery for more amazing photography.

[Review] Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Concert in Toronto @ Mod Club

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert in Toronto

Hailing from Seattle known mostly for Ken Griffey JR’s glory days on the Seattle mariners and the prodigious space needle, Seattle is not explicitly known for breeding MC’s and hip hop like New York or LA. What others might view as an impediment to mainstream stardom, I think it adds a special element to Macklemore as an MC and performer. Having been to a few hip-hop shows with performers from across the globe I can say I’m all too familiar with rappers from more prominent regions performing with a sense of entitlement and giving less than a 100 percent because they happen to be from a notable city. Check out the full review and photography by reading the full post.

[Review x Gallery] Ghostface Killah @ Sound Academy

Ghostface Killah @ Sound Academy

With over nine studio albums to his credit and noteworthy guest verses all over Wu-Tang’s catalogue of music, Ghostface killah arguably the most prolific emcee of the nine man crew touched down to Toronto’s Sound Academy on December 2. Presented by Union events, Ghostface Killah was there to rip the stage and re-introduce himself to his Canadian fans as a part of his cross country Canada tour. Check out the full post to read the full review and see the photography of the Ghostface Killah show in Toronto.

[Review] Smokers Club Tour 2011 in Toronto

Smokers Club Tour 2011 in Toronto

On a cloudy October night The Smokers Club tour rolled through to Toronto’s Kool Haus complex to perform in front of a packed and shall I say “under the influence” crowd. With clouds of smoke filling the air from performers on stage and fans in the crowd sparking what we’ll call “medicinal medicine” at every turn, the environment was definitely living up to the title of the tour. Click the post to read the full review of Method Man, Curren$y and 2011 Smokers Club Tour.