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[Event Coverage] OSHEAGA Festival – Day 1 (Janelle Monae, Eminem)

The Up In Smoke Tour is one of those VHS tapes I've seen probably fourteen times. Beyond the fact Dre and Em were performing some of the best music they've ever made in their lives at a time when everyone in the world was watching, I love that tour tape because whenever I watch it I am in actual physical pain from a desire to have been there, to rap along with everyone else, to see all those chicks propelled to whip out their boobies while whaffs of pot smoke literally hover just above the crowd's nostril height. Where were all the bouncers? Its like Aftermath bought them out for the night.

If you know the footage I'm talking about and are an Eminem stan -- or hip-hop fan generally for that matter -- you understand how necessary it is to see this guy in concert. It's like a rite of passage or some shit. For the first evening of the 2011 Osheaga Festival in Montreal on July 29, Janelle Monae played a great set earlier in the night, whipping around stage with a cape on, scream-skinging and kicking on the floor while shimmy dancing around the stage just as well as she does in her videos. Janelle's performance was rad and perhaps the following comparison isn't fair or warranted, but the eclectic singer couldn't have done anything to compare to Eminem's solemn and serious bark screaming into the mic, even if she is a more polished performer. My evaluation may be a matter of taste, but it's also one of relatively indisputable global weight. He barely mustered a smile the entire night, but managed to make the 30,000 crowd screamers the happiest kiddies in Quebec. His performance, while outstanding, ultimately mattered less than his presence. Click below to read the entire review and to watch videos of Eminem's performance.

[Video] Behind the scenes footage of Elzhi in Toronto

Guess who is featured on the latest Elmatic video coverage? Just wanted to make sure you know that we didn't shoot this video and that another team was following Elzhi during his day in Toronto. Elzhi's publicist let me know that they were going to shoot the behind the scenes of our interview and I was cool with that. We never really had anyone shoot us like that and that's why I'm a little bit excited we are on this video. Make sure to come back as we will have our own footage released tonight of Elzhi's performance at The Mod Club in Toronto.
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[Video] The Come Up Show Presents- Kendrick Lamar Performance & Freestyle in Toronto

Tonight was for everybody here who understand me/I need yall to recognize my plan B is to win your heart before I win a Grammy.
I previously posted footage of Kendrick Lamar freestyling courtesy of The Goodie Bag. Here is The Come Up Show version of Kendrick Lamar going innnnn. Our interview with Kendrick Lamar is coming in the near future, for now enjoy this tasty footage. Shot by Andrew Stephenson and edited by Nicholas Pulver-Andrews. Don't you wish you went to the show? Ha ha.