Things that make us laugh.

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[Video x Funny] Pigeon Hole – “Boobs”

Curious video freeze, huh? Pigeon Hole is seriously capable of arousing absurd pleasure and humor out of moments of hesitancy. And what better way to do that then botching the line of political correctness to the rhythm of a few carefully placed classic rap references laid atop elevator "baa baaa baaaaaa's?" This sort of funny is rare as it is genius. PH's Dusty Melo animated this little short as an "ode to lady bits." Bust out the popcorn and sprawl out on the broadloom. There is plenty more wry wit and dry 90's scratch where this came from... iTunes Link
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[Video x Funny] Jim Jarmusch – “Coffee & Cigarettes” ft. GZA, RZA, Bill Murray

Film maker Jim Jarmusch has been in my peripheral because he recently curated the final day of ATP New York, an alt music festival dedicated to post-rock, avant garde, and underground hip-hop music that took place this past labor day weekend, September 3-5. When given the opportunity to schedule an entire day of music, Jarmusch, a long time hip-hop fan, called up GZA and Raekwon (who apparently spat a great freestyle over Slick Rick's "Children's Story") and also managed to recruit the legendary DJ Kool Herc. You can check out a performance here. This Jarmusch film short from 2006, "Coffee & Cigarettes," features GZA, RZA, and Bill "motha fuckin" Murray. The expressions are priceless.