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[Event] The Weeknd Live in Concert @ October 2 (London, Ontario)

When I was told two nights ago at the J.Cole concert that the Weeknd was coming to the London October 2, my jaw dropped a little bit. To this city? London, Ontario? It's definitely going to be an experience and memory at the Homecoming Tent Party. You already know The Come Up Show will be filling you in on this show. For now download The Weeknd's projects House of Balloons and Thursday if you haven't yet. What: The Weeknd Live In Concert Tent Party. Opening acts are TF HOUSE, DIRTYMAGS COLECO, TWO CROWN KING, THE GIRLS CAN HEAR US, RICHIE BLACKZ, and LP Where: 163 Dundas Street in London, Ontario. When: October 2nd, 2011. Doors at 5pm. All Ages. Abel will be on by 9pm. Tickets: $35 Advanced tickets. Tickets are on sale right now at Ticket Driver. If you want to physically purchase tickets and want to avoid services charges email me at info(at)thecomeupshow(dot)com to buy tickets for 35. RSVP on Facebook.

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[Event] For The Love of New School Sep 15 @ Apk Live (London)

For the Love of the New School is an event showcasing the up and coming talent of the Forest City. With artists like Casper, Richie Blackz, NGA, Soundminds and more you definitely want to come out and see the talent London has to offer. What: For The Love of New School concert featuring Casper, Richie Blackz. Soundminds, NGA, and producer Jay Astro showcasing his beats. Where: Alex P. Keaton 340 Wellington Street @ York and Wellington. London, Ontario. When: Thursday, September 15 at 9:00pm - September 16 at 2:30am. Tickets: 5 Dollar cover before 11pm and 8 dollars after. Purchase at the door. RSVP on Facebook.

[Event] Moore & Exit Only w/ Casper August 25th @ APK LIVE

I might be a late to post this but hey GREAT nights usually happen when you don't plan them. Tonight is one of those real, underground, music lovers night. Moore and Exit Only are headling their show and Casper is a special guest. $4 Tall Cans are in effect and only $5 at the door, see you TONIGHT. What: Moore & Exit Only w/ Casper & Special Guests. Where: APK Live on 340 Wellington Street @ York Street (York Street entrance). London, Ontario. When: Today (August 25) at 9:00pm - Tomorrow at 2:00am. Tickets: $5 at the DOOR.

Moore and Exit Only

Casper The Ghost

[Contest] 3 Chances to Win a pair of Atmosphere Tix

WELCOME to the Atmosphere contest on The Come Up Show. Congratulations so far to Kerry-Ann and Kayla who have each won a pair of passes to the Atmosphere show August 9 at the Music Hall. We have 3 more pairs left and this is what you have to do. We will be giving away a pair each on the following social networks, all you have to do is follow/join/listen and we will be asking trivia questions on each outlet. We will be giving you hints on when the contests are going to happen. You can only win once. CONTINUE reading the full post for more details.