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[Staff Lists] The Come Up Show’s Favourite Producers of 2013

favouriteproducersof2013 As technology inexorably and exponentially becomes more complex and more readily available, it steadily penetrates close to every aspect of every day life. One (arguably) positive benefit of this is all the new music that has burst forth. Not even 10 years ago, it was near impossible for up and coming producers to get anyone "big" to listen to them yet now we have 16 year old producers with cuts on giants such as Jay-Z's album. With technology comes accessibility, and what we have now is an even bigger world stage of art where even the stalwarts of the game can enjoy and be influenced by the teenage bedroom producers. Hit the jump to see who made our favourite producers of 2013.

[Staff Lists] The Come Up Show’s Favourite Concerts of 2013

FavouriteConcerts2013 Seeing your favourite artist(s) live in concert is truly an experience like no other. It's the ultimate fan involvement where you (and possibly) a group of friends set out on a particular evening to catch your favourite rapper performing in your city. Whether you've seen numerous events or only a handful, the feelings that we get from interacting a few feet away from these individuals is undeniably exciting. Last year, The Come Up Show had the privilege of attending numerous concerts from artists including, Classified, Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Ferg, Shad, Kanye West, Method Man, SonReal, Kendrick Lamar, and many more. Now, we present to you The Come Up Show's Favourite Concerts of 2013. Read the full list after the jump.

[Staff Lists] The Come Up Show’s Favourite Interviews of 2013

The Come Up Show Favourite interview of 2013 When you read the title of this post, you might think this article is a collection of interviews from all over the web; that would be true if we didn't publish our own original interviews. To toot our own horn for a second, The Come Up Show gained its popularity as a radio show and website through our insightful interviews. We started first on the radio show, then doing audio interviews at events, and then expanded to video interviews which definitely heightened our visibility in the blogging world. This past year we've conducted over 55 original interviews with legends from Just Blaze and Young Guru to Canadian stars such as Shad, Classified, Maestro Fresh Wes and many more. You might have missed a few and that's why we include this category into our Best of 2013. Without further ado, The Come Up Show presents our favourite interview of 2013.

[Staff Lists] The Come Up Show’s Favourite Come Up Artists of 2013

The Come Up Show's Favourite Come Up Artists of 2013 Every year marks the ascendance of a new crop of emcees, eager to make their mark and stake their claim among hip-hop's inner-circle. Some rise quickly only to fall just as fast. Others will make you believe they're here to stay. It often seems as though the latter emcees pop up overnight, but the reality is often years of hard work and steady progress before they get a share of the spotlight. We at The Come Up Show looked back on 2013 to pick out our favourite artists who burst onto the scene this past year. Some you'll know. The rest, you'll want to get to know. One thing is certain: if you haven't heard of these artists yet, you'll be hearing all about them in 2014. Without further ado, we present The Come Up Show's Favourite Come Up Artists of 2013. Read the full list after the jump.

[Staff Lists] The Come Up Show’s Favourite Videos of 2013

the come up show 2013 video list 2013 was a fine year for hip-hop videos. Not only did Drake win the BET award for "Best Hip-Hop Video", Macklemore & Ryan Lewis took home the VMAs "Best Hip-Hop video" for "Can't Hold Us" ft. Ray Dalton and Classified ft. David Myles won "Video of the Year", "Best Hip-Hop Video" and "MuchFact Video of the Year" for "Inner Ninja" at the MMVAs. Music videos always add another dimension to the track, but while they can make us think of a song in a new light, at times they can leave us scratching our heads. Here are The Come Up Show's staff list of our favourite hip-hop videos of 2013 that blew our minds. Read the full article after the jump.