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[Video] Welcome to the Future of DJ-ing

Via Different Kitchen. You know how people complain that artists have no creativity and anyone can become a rapper? How come people aren't going at DJ's the same way? Anyone can become a DJ now and I think that should be a bigger concern because they are in clubs, radio stations, parties, they basically control the music you hear in any public setting!!! What do you think about this?
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[Video] David Delisca- BlackBerry Love

I just copped a Black Berry a few weeks ago and I'm obviously not obsessed like David Delisca, but I realize how convenient it makes my life. Have you noticed how dependent we are becoming on technology? I feel like we are giving up our autonomy for the convenience of technology. I see it in myself sometimes when I listen to my GPS instead of listening to my instincts. What do you think? I want to know your opinion on this, I think if you smart and aware you will comment.
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[Video] PS4 Preview/Viral Video for PS4

' One of 2 possible videos released today insinuating that PS4 is coming. We all know things advance and we know new platforms are coming...but when rumour starts spreading due to a viral video like this....the question that always gets sparked is "Is this real?"
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[Technology] Apple Unveils iPhone4

Soo the new Apple iPhone4 was announced yesterday..... Okay so this is MY opinion on this. If you know know I'm a Crackberry person over everything else...including this new iPhone. Okay yeah sure its cool...looks cosmetically nicer than the previous ones (as any newer phone should) but whats the hoop-la all about? Okay I admit 2 very cool things about it are the FaceTime app (front facing camera integration) & Retina Display resolution. The FaceTime app allows for true face to face (and also face to whatever is directly in front of the phone itself) calling. You can be looking directly at the person your speaking to and vice versa...and you can have the camera on the opposite side switched on to show that person what YOU are seeing. Cool for sure but for this to be as "innovative" as Apple is pushing for is pretty covered up. Do you know how much data video calling uses? Of course there are going to be unlimited plans coming out and what not...but who wants to now spend MORE on their cell phone bill after BUYING another iPhone? iPhone & Blackberry users already run around the same bill price as it is. Regardless of the price but for this to be as sweet as they're making it out to be....almost every user it seems is going to have to own this phone in order to get that "facetime" that Apple is pushing for. The Retina Display is a pretty cool technological advancement for phone screen resolution. With 326 ppi (pixels per inch) what your looking at is obviously an extremely pretty and detailed screen. The human eye can only possibly detect up to 300 ppi. To put this in more simple terms....where there was room for ONE pixel on the previous iPhone...there are now FOUR pixes in that same spot where only ONE could fit. Along with all the other stuff that Apple is boasting about like NEW Folders & Multi-Tasking, etc, etc....Blackberry has been running that game for years folks. Crackberry til something bad happens...then HTC :) NOTE THE SMALL PRINT WHEN FACETIME IS FIRST TALKED ABOUT: FaceTime requires iPhone4 and Wi-Fi connection for both caller and recipient. SOOOO I guess that solves my questions as to the pricing and usage of FaceTime lol Still thats VERY limiting!
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[Technology] Android Platform Running on iPhone 2G

This is how much of a nerd I am......I have a weird like for cellular technology and doing cool things with it (Crackberry what up?) and this is a pretty cool advancement. Even though I'm anti-iPhone this is still neat to see. If I ever make the switch from Blackberry it'll be to a device thats definitely running Android. Now enough of my inner nerd talking....lets post some dope music