Throwback Music.

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[Sunday Morn Throwback] Nina Simone – “Feeling Good”

Invincible played a snip of this 1965 classic last night during her set at Artists Against Apratheid. When "Feeling Good" busted across the speakers, there was a tidal moment in that hot and dark little second floor bar--you could see literally see everyone swing down a notch from the heady political talk that had everyone so riled. That's Nina.
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[Sunday Morn Throwback] Donald Byrd – “Flight Time”

I was reminded of Donald Byrd as Chedo and JR spun classic Nas tracks on last night's edition of The Come Up Show. The sound grenade I'm thinking of is "NY State of Mind"-- bits of which can be heard in this Byrd original. Now that I'm actually listening to "Flight Time" from Black Byrd (1972), however, I'm reminded not only of Byrd's phenomenal influence across the board--jazz, disco, funk, soul, you name it-- but also of the sheer influential and historical weight of Guru's Jazzmatazz vol 1. which actually features Donald Byrd the legend himself. Let me reiterate and reinforce: "Loungin'" from Jazzmatazz doesn't just sample Donald Byrd, it actually features him. How incredible is that?