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[Video] The Come Up Presents – 3 Year Anniversary

The Come Up Presents- 3 Year Anniversary

Thank you, doesn't express how really grateful I am but that is all I can come up with.

Thank you to The Come Up Show team, too many talented people to list, but you are the ones that make my vision a reality. 3 years ago today, April 19 2007, was the first episode of The Come Up Show. 2-6am every Wednesday night is how I started. I would never have predicted The Come Up Show evolving this way but I knew it would be something special. I know the destination and as I go on this journey, I make sure I'm appreciative of everything because success is only possible with the help of the people. One thing The Come Up Show has taught me is, go for it, do it, I learned A LOT through action and I still am. Don't ever be afraid to take that first step. Martin Luther King, Jr. said "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase". Thank you to my special guests who celebrated The Come Up Show Anniversary. JD Era and Emerson Brooks are musicians that I truly believe are on ‘The Come Up’. You can check out the full podcast with JD Era right here and Emerson Brooks right here. Here is the video, from decorating the studio, (thank you ladies who helped me), to cutting of the cake, it will give you a good idea how we celebrated the 3 year anniversary of The Come Up Show.

Photography by Danielle Da Silva Check out the rest of the post!!!

[Interview] The Come Up Presents- Grand Analog

Wow.  How do I even explain this interview? As an interviewer I can do my best to ask the right questions, do my research and bring out the best in my guest. Odario Williams did all of that himself; his personality, and openness made this interview extremely fun for me. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Make sure to check out this full post to see Part. 2 and the gallery.

[Interview] The Come Up Presents- Two Crown King

Based out of London, Ontario, this six piece collective fuses elements of Soul and Funk, while maintaining a focus on the fundamental story telling techniques of early Hip Hop. Taking inspiration from a variety of musical genres, Two Crown King cultivate a sound that is saturated with insightful lyrics, melodic hooks and solid grooves. They combine style and swagger to deliver their own brand of organic Neo-Soul.

Two Crown King at Call The Office

Thank you very much to Two Crown King for supporting The Come Up Show. It motivates me even more when I see like minded individuals who love music and have the drive. Together we are on "the come up".

Check out the interview with Two Crown King at Call The Office and two galleries below courtesy of Thom Pilgrim and Danielle Da Silva.

Check out TWO galleries featuring Two Crown King RIGHT HERE.

[Interview] Shad at Call The Office

I was very excited to interview Shad once I found out he would be in our hometown. We talked about the new album, the people who inspire him, and we obviously caught his performance. Ch-check it out, brought to you by The Come Up Show and in association with L DOT ONLINE.

Shad K Promo Poster

Shad K: London’s Prince of Hip Hop Written by Phillie from L DOT ONLINE For those of you unfamiliar with Shad, consider checking out the main page of his website where he showcases his sickening ability to freestyle for a recorded 6 minutes. Raised in London Ontario, Shad was born in Kenya to parents of Rwandan descent; and, in a few short years he has cemented himself as one of Canada’s best hip-hop artists (‘artist’ is used deliberately). His profound and conscientious lyrics mesmerize his audiences, as they are educated on Shad’s perspective of social issues that are relevant to us all. Listening to Shad’s lyrics, themes relating to religion, love, greed, racism, and many other characteristics of the human condition are all brilliantly balanced by two central components of his character, spontaneity and humour. Shad’s debut album When This Is Over (2005), was a self-made, self-financed venture, financed with the $17,500 he won from Kitchener-Waterloo’s 91.5 The Beat’s Rhythm of the Future talent competition. When This Is Over achieved broad appeal and respect, while receiving a sold amount of support from the grassroots hip-hop community throughout Canada. Following the success of his 2005 album, Shad signed with Black Box Recordings in 2007 and released his second album The Old Prince, which received much critical acclaim. The Old Prince (a clever play on words) is a thoughtful and thought provoking look into Shad’s perspective of various social issues. Shortly after its release, The Old Prince received a Juno nomination for Rap Recording of the Year and was nominated for the 2008 Polaris Music Prize. The future is very bright for this talented artist, who currently attends Simon Fraser University, where he is completing his Masters Degree. Recently, Shad gained some notable recognition from Kanye West when West posted Shad’s music video, for his song ‘Compromise’ (The Old Prince, 2007), on West’s blog. We can only hope that Shad continues to produce conscientious music that seeks to inspire, educate, and uplift. The Come Up Show’s DJ Chedo had the opportunity to interview Shad while he was in London (scheduled to perform at Call The Office). They discussed his next album, due out in May, his ambitions and the people that inspire him. To find out whom, check out the interview below.

Photography by Tom Pilgrim