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[Interview] The Come Up Show Presents- Alex Dimez

Alex Dimez has toured with Gza, Tech N9NE, Slaughterhouse, AZ, EPMD, Pharoahe Monch, Redman, Cypress Hill and so much more. So when he is giving tips on how to do a live performance you should LISTEN. He also just released a brand new EP "Twenty Dimez" which you can download RIGHT HERE. Alex Dimez is also the first artist in Canada to have his own bong collection designed by the world famous HI GUY and is certified by PUFF. Check out the interview to have a look and you can also check out the podcast with Alex Dimez for more.

[Interview] The Come Up Show Presents- Curren$y

Curren$y Interview on The Come Up Show

WOW, you can only prepare so much for an interview and have a general idea what it's going to be like BUT I didn't think Curren$y would completely take it in another direction. From Curren$y's bump in with the Canadian border security, to not going more than 30 minutes before lighting up a joint and of course Pilot Talk 2. Sit back and enjoy this interview. After you finish watching head over to the full photo gallery of Curren$y performance at The Smokers Tour.

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[Interview] The Come Up Show Presents- K-OS

K-OS on The Come Up Show

The public will never really know that, you think they should know that, and you feel they know that, but they don't, they're just there to listen to music.
I caught up with K-OS at the University of Western Ontario, and wow we went everywhere in this interview. From how the Anchorman mixtape came about, the influence Q-Tip had on K-OS, the imbalance in music, sacrifice to remain pure, and of course we talked about Kanye West. Make sure to check out gallery of K-OS by Thom Pilgrim.

[Interview] The Come Up Show Presents- Titanic Clothing Company

We got to go to one of their concerts (Okay City), it didn't start till midnight and it was a school night so we had to go home before it started because our parents wanted us home.
At age 15, Stephan Armstrong and Cameron Morse were busy creating Titanic Clothing company. Only 2 years later Titanic Clothing company has been sported by artists like Shad, Okay City and I rocked their t-shirt during the Reflection Eternal interview. In this interview the fellas talk about how they connected with musicians like Okay City, how they create timeless styles, and their brand new fall line. Shoutout to Apocalypse for supporting Titanic Clothing and letting us shoot in a dope spot.