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[Interview] The Come Up Show Presents- Muneshine

He's ½ of Twin Peaks with Ghettosocks, ½ of Birthday Boys with D-sisive, and ½ of the residents with Saint, The Come Up Show is proud to present our interview with Muneshine. In this interview we discuss the album "Status Symbol", how Twin Peaks formed, the business and professional aspect of music production that musicians need to watch.
I need to look at my music as work as well as my passion.....I'm not going to do what I do for free, that's like going to your accountant and asking him to do your taxes for free..... I don't feel that's making me like any less than someone who loves the art or any of that bullsh*t, I don't agree with that.

[Producer Spotlight] Interview with EOM

There are four elements of music: melody, harmony, rhythm, and dynamics. Yaa I Get It was Shad's first single off  TSOL, with a beat made by internet phenom EOM. The track held it's own against storied producers Rich Kidd and Classified. His collaborations with rapper Wax have reached hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, and his RockPaperScissors album (made alongside Emay and Remot) is just good music.< I got to chat with him over a couple of weeks ago. He's an awesome guy with a huge career ahead of him. Aspiring producers stand to learn a lot from the way he's marketed himself, lovers of music can trust most tracks with his name on them. GG: Shad is pretty well regarded up here (in Canada). How did the collaboration with Shad and Me&John come about? EOM: Well, I remixed his track "Quest for Glory" and my manager sent it to him. I ended up talking to Shad via email and sent him the beat for "Yaa I Get It". A year or so went by and my manager tells me that Shad finished the song but they ran into sample clearance problems. That's where Me&John came in. They reworked the drums, replayed the instruments and mixed the track a lot better. The original was all sorts of compressed and raw. Me&John definitely did their thing. They made the "don't sue me" version of the original beat. GG: That brings up my next question: most (if not all) of the music you produce is available online for free. How do you monetize your career? Continue Reading the Interview with EOM.

[Video] Battle of The Beatmakers 2010

Photo by Ajani Charles for HHC. Battle of the Beatmakers 2010

I've emceed at a Producer Showcase before so naturally I couldn't wait to attend the Battle of The Beatmakers in Toronto. With talent like Big Pops, 808 Gang, Burd & Keyz, Neenah, Vokab, and so much more I was very excited to see who would win. Congratulations to Neenah who is the FIRST female producer to win Battle of The Beatmakers 2010. Check out the video as I ask her how she felt to win the title and I also had the chance to interview grammy nominated Boi-1da who was one of the guest judges. You can also check out HipHopCanada review and full gallery on Battle of The Beatmakers.