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[Interview] The Come Up Presents- Sum-01

Born in Nairobi Kenya, from Ugandan parents, SUM-01 and her 5 siblings fled Africa due to civil war that took place in Uganda. Raised in London, Ontario Canada and constantly immersed in the musical sounds of African music and dance, SUM-01 grew up enriched in culture. From the age of 8 she was accepted into a performing arts elementary school where her love for music, drama, art and dance flourished.

Chedo and Sum-01

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[Interview] The Come Up Presents- Shaun Boothe

Shaun Boothe- Hip-Hop in 3d

A commanding voice of reason, an ear wired directly to the soul and an unmatched passion to captivate the audience – Shaun Boothe is the very definition of a Hip-Hop virtuoso. "Never had a plan B, this is all I even planned to be" Having received critical acclaim from music industry heavyweights Def Jam/Universal for "One by One" in a nationwide competition and receiving a 1st place award from Yahoo and Universal for the unique delivery of his theatrical video "The Reporter", the versatility of Shaun Boothe's hustle is uncommonly paralleled. "I'm not a pathfinder, I'm a trailblazer. And when you make your own lane, no one can get in your way."
I caught Shaun Boothe in Waterloo. We discussed what music means to him, how important live performances are and much more. D.O. from Art of Fresh joined us during the interview, check it out!!

Shaun Boothe and Chedo

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[Video] The Come Up Presents – 3 Year Anniversary

The Come Up Presents- 3 Year Anniversary

Thank you, doesn't express how really grateful I am but that is all I can come up with.

Thank you to The Come Up Show team, too many talented people to list, but you are the ones that make my vision a reality. 3 years ago today, April 19 2007, was the first episode of The Come Up Show. 2-6am every Wednesday night is how I started. I would never have predicted The Come Up Show evolving this way but I knew it would be something special. I know the destination and as I go on this journey, I make sure I'm appreciative of everything because success is only possible with the help of the people. One thing The Come Up Show has taught me is, go for it, do it, I learned A LOT through action and I still am. Don't ever be afraid to take that first step. Martin Luther King, Jr. said "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase". Thank you to my special guests who celebrated The Come Up Show Anniversary. JD Era and Emerson Brooks are musicians that I truly believe are on ‘The Come Up’. You can check out the full podcast with JD Era right here and Emerson Brooks right here. Here is the video, from decorating the studio, (thank you ladies who helped me), to cutting of the cake, it will give you a good idea how we celebrated the 3 year anniversary of The Come Up Show.

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