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[Interview] Presents – KJ

KJ is a credited recording engineer and mix engineer, the best sound is always first priority. Self production inspired by Danger Mouse (Gnarles Barkley), Kanye West and many more has made this sound so diverse but yet still current. Raised in England and relocating to Canada at 11 "A Breath of Fresh Heir" is what music needs and is what you will get.

Check out the performance from KJ and how I saw the remix of Repeat happen on my facebook home feed!!

[Interview] The Come Up Presents- Grand Analog

Wow.  How do I even explain this interview? As an interviewer I can do my best to ask the right questions, do my research and bring out the best in my guest. Odario Williams did all of that himself; his personality, and openness made this interview extremely fun for me. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Make sure to check out this full post to see Part. 2 and the gallery.

[Interview] The Come Up Presents – Backpacking Latin America


We are SUR LA – Students United in Representation of Latin America, and we want to share our LOVE for Latin America with you all. How? By showing you how much there is to see, learn and experience in Latin America. Not so much through Pina Coladas in the Cancun Hilton (as tasty as they may be), but through the incredible medium of… backpacking. Adventure, opportunities for travel and volunteer work are off the scale – but why tell you when we could show you?

Click play on the video to learn.