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The Come Up Presents – Classified

Classified came down to Forewell Hall in Fanshawe College and I had the opportunity to interview him. We discussed the Oh Canada video, a new artist he signed to Half-Life and the new album Class is working on. Check out the interview and write up by Phillie from L DOT ONLINE below.

Photography by Danielle Da Silva and In association with L DOT ONLINE.

Classified Interview Promo

The Classified Chronicle Written by Phille from L DOT ONLINE When it comes to Canadian Hip Hop trailblazers, Classified has definitely paved a blazing hot path. As a prolific and engaging artist, Classified began his solo career in the early 90's in eastern Canada. Over the years Canada has proved to be a difficult market for Hip Hop artists to excel in, but over the decades Classified has carved his own niche touring the country (and overseas), facing many crowds, and putting out countless tracks, independently! Before signing with Sony Canada in 2008, Classified had sold over 40,000 records, produced 10 full length albums independently with his production company Half Life, and was nominated for a Juno Award in 2006 for Rap Recording of the Year; a feat achieved by few other Canadian solo rappers. His sound, style, and approach to Hip Hop is all his own stating he is, "a positive person with a negative approach," when it comes to voicing himself on the mic. While it isn't easy making it big in Canadian hip hop, Classified's grit, determination, and consistency have allowed him to carve out a life for himself and he’s slowly building a legacy of musical achievements. Recently, The Come Up Show’s DJ Chedo had the chance to interview Classified while he was in town. Chedo and Class spoke about a variety of things including Class’ new video for his hit song, “Oh Canada”. Check it out!

Photography by Danielle Da Silva

The Come Up Presents – Wale

This is one of the best experiences in 2009 and in my life so far. The exclusive access we got from Wale tour manager was amazing. From chilling in the tour bus with Wale and being able to photograph, record the concert and the interview.

Wale and Chedo

Here are the pictures and the interview. Enjoy.

Wale and I discuss his new album Attention Defecit, how he and K'Naan hooked up and why do we have an attention defecit.

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Wale on twitter

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The Come Up Presents – J.Cole

J.Cole is the first artist signed by Jay-z to Roc Nation. He is one of my favourite new artists and I am really excited to see him go far. The Warm Up in my opnion is one of the best mixtapes I have heard, music with feeling as I like to call it.

Download it here

I had the opportunity to interview J.Cole while he was in London, Ontario opening up for the Blue Print 3 concert.

Watch the full interview here.

I estimated the interview to be around 10 minutes maximum but J.Cole and I went for 21 minutes. We decided to cut this video to 10 minutes and show you more quick questions as the year progresses. If you have a blog and want to share this video just share this page. The youtube version will be up later today

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