[Interview] Mac Miller talks about his most personal album “Watching Movies with the sound off”

Mac Miller, Sonreal and Rich Kidd, Come Up Boys @ UWO

The last time we interviewed Mac Miller was almost exactly two years ago, it was his first time ever in Canada, and he was just 18 years old. Fast forward to 2013 Mac Miller is already off to a great start, he was awarded Complex Magazine “Man Of Next Year” award which is a spotlight on the artists who are set to transform "the worlds of Music, Sports, Art and Design, Pop Culture, and Style". As the winner Mac received a luxurious custom made varsity jacket designed by Marc Ecko, a custom Fisker Karma car valued over 100 grand, and he shared with us how that honor felt. Mac Miller also opened up about his upcoming album Watching Movies With The Sound Off, he told us it's the most personal album he has ever recorded and why he decided to open up with us. I asked him if he felt a little bit of insecurity about releasing very introspective music and how he feels people will respond. Mac answers these questions and what he has planned for the rest of 2013. Check this out and more in our interview with Mr. Most Dope aka Mac Miller. P.S. If you haven't read our review of the Mac Miller concert featuring The Come UP and Rich Kidd and Sonreal make sure to check it out and the amazing photography as well.

[Interview] Rich Kidd and SonReal talk importance of having fun, live performance, and more

You've might have read our previous interviews with SonReal and Rich Kidd before and if you haven't make sure to check them out by clicking the previous links. October 16, 2012 Rich Kidd and SonReal released their collaborative album The Closers which features production from Rich Kidd, Beat Merchant, Arthur McArthur, and Wonda Gurl. The homies had a great viral campaign releasing webisodes leading up to the album release and released an official video for Money Money and more are on the way. I caught up with Sonreal and Rich Kidd on their Canadian tour stop at Fanshawe College in London, On. Our interview started with discussing the humour in Rich Kidd's music and he tells us why it's important to him to keep it playful, SonReal gave us a perfect example by reciting one of his rhymes in the song Best Believe. Even though The Closers (SonReal and Rich Kidd) have worked plenty of times together, they tell us what they've learned from performing together and how to deliver a show that is full of energy, flow and fun! They also share with us why it was important for them to record the album together instead of electronically as is the norm today in the music industry. Check this out and more in our interview with SonReal and Rich Kidd on The Come Up Show and let us know what your favourite song is from the album in the comment section below.

[Interview] Casper talks Marcus Morris Mixtape Vol 4 and collaboration with Shad

If you haven't been paying attention this past week, Casper The Ghost has officially released Marcus Morris Mixtape Vol.4 and video for Nah Boom. I caught up with Casper right after his performance with his band TreeTop Entertainment at the Outback in Fanshawe College. Casper talks to us about his relationship with Hometown Hero Shad K, and since he had a very troubling childhood Casper shares with us how he is now discovering what love means after the birth of his daugther Marlee Morris. You can also see a great performance for the song Haunted Love featuring Kayla Rock which is you can download on #MMM4.

[Interview] D-Sisive and Muneshine call it quits on Hip-Hop

I ain't taking shit over bro, if I was taking anything over we would have taken over four albums ago, I'm very frustrated, that's not even a joke, I did Peterborough last night, there was six people. D-Sisive
Wow where do you get started on a interview like this? With the countless of interviews I've conducted I have been able to get authentic answers and insights from all types of artists. This interview right here with D-Sisive and Muneshine has to be number one for me because of their honesty, their vulnerability, and frustation they are feeling with the music industry. Right after their performance at the Jonestown 3 album release party at the Rivoli, D-Sisive got us caught up what he has been up to in the past year; his feelings about his third Juno nomination for Rap Recording of the year and the Asian Elvis Mixtape release. What I wasn't expecting is D-Sisive and Muneshine telling me they are done with Rap music. Check the full post to read my full summary on this interview!

[Interview] Juicy J talks Hall of Fame, relationship w/ The Weeknd and shares valuable advice

2050 Tour in London, Ontario

"I never give up, I keep going, I always told myself I'm not going out without a fight and here I am." Juicy J. We had the opportunity to catch up with Juicy J of Three Six Mafia on the 2050 Tour which features Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods, Lola Monroe, Tuki Carter, and Berner. He talked to us about his relationship with The Weeknd, being inducted into the Hall of Fame alongside artists like Elvis Presley, Isaac Hayes, Al Green, and many more. Juicy J also shares what it is about his hometown Memphis that inspires him and Three Six Mafia to create all of their smash hits. You might not know this but Juicy J started his career in music as a DJ and he tells us how it led to becoming a producer. He also shares valuable advice on persistence, "not going out without a fight" check this out and much more in our interview with Juicy J on The Come Up Show . Make sure to subscribe to our channel to check out more of our interviews and read the full review of the 2050 Tour that includes some amazing pictures.