[Interview] Yelawolf talks about sharing his story and willing to die for it (Pt.1 and Pt.2)

Yelawolf Performance Live at the Music Hall London 2012

The Come Up Show is proud to present our interview with Yelawolf. Conducted in Toronto, Ontario at Community 54 right before his meet and greet, Yelawolf opened up to us about in detail about his life.
You have to have a lot of pain before you can be culturally impactful, once you share your story that’s the difference between a rapper and a superstar Yelawolf.
If you remember the XXL freshman roundtable last year Yelawolf gave some valuable advice to the younger emcees like Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, et al, about sharing your story and tribulations. Since Yelawolf has been through his fair share of pain, I asked him if he felt that all of the struggle had a purpose, if he knew that his story was being created when he was homeless living on food stamps. Make sure to check the full post to see Part 2 of our interview and to read the full article!!!

[Interview] Styles P talks living like a Gangster and a Gentleman, living healthy, and secrets to longevity

Styles P and Sheek Louch Live in London, Ontario

In Part.1 of our interview with Styles P he talked to us about working with Curren$y, his book The Invincible and much more make sure to check it out if you haven't yet. Continuing with Part. 2 I could tell Styles P is more focused than ever! He is promoting a healthy lifestyle by opening a Juice Bar in the Bronx, and giving advice on our diet.
It's important to use our voice as artists instead of talking about jewerly and fast cars, I try to address some of the issues our community needs, like try to eat healthy, a lot of us have children and family. In America we don't have free healthcare and most don't have insurance so we should try to do as much as we can to prevent diseases and health risks. Most of us especially in Hip-Hop we have a fast life most of us  drink, smoke, and other things. We have to weight it out and at least eat right. Styles P.
With his busy lifestyle Styles P still takes the time to "wake up and smell the roses", he tells us most important is his family, he takes time out to enjoy life with them because they are the reason he hustles so much. You can he is really motivated as this year he is involved in the Wu-Block album, World Most Hardest Emcee, a project with Diamond Clothing Company, working on a second book, if they don't get the LOX paperwork figured out they will release a LOX Mixtape. Believe it or not Styles has been rapping since 1995, he shares with us the advice on what has given him longetivity in this career. Check this out and more in our interview with Styles P. Make sure to check the photo gallery of the Styles P and Sheek concert in London, Ontario.

[Interview] Styles P talks about Canada, his book Invincible, working with Curren$y and smoking habits Pt.1

Styles P and Sheek Louch Live in London, Ontario

It was such a pleasure to interview Styles P, 1/3 of the Lox and member of D Block. We interviewed Styles P when he was touring Canada with Sheek Louch. Since Styles hasn't been in Canada since 1996 I asked him about the Canadian tour, his book invincible, and how he connected with Curren$y for their EP #The1st28. If you remember our interview with Curren$y he told us he couldn't go more than an hour with lighting another joint, so naturally I ask to ask Styles P about his habits as well. Check this out and more in Part. 1 of our interview with Styles P on The Come Up Show. Make sure to also check out our photo gallery of the Styles P and Sheek Louch show at Club Noir. Shout out to Godfathaz production for bringing them to London, Ontario.

[Interview] Phife Dawg talks Q-Tip persona and Nas involvement in Tribe Documentary Pt.3

The Come Up Show presents part 3 of our interview with Phife Dawg, you might remember the 2011 documentary Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest, you might not know that it's a winner in the Producers Guild Award, received a Grammy and NAACP Image Awards  nomination, amongst others. Phife tells us how he feels about all the attention and acclaim the documentary got. Something not too many people know is that Nas was one of the first to suggest that Tribe should do a documentary back in 2008. Michael Rapport and Nas came together to work on the documentary but due to personal issues in Nas' life he couldn't continue with the documentary. Phife Dawg also tells about Q-Tip personality, why he feels Q-Tip is a reluctant superstar,  Phife says "in the studio and the stage  is when his ego comes out but offstage meeting and greeting he isn't comfortable with people, he still hasn't got used to it, I'm not sure why but it is what it is". Check this out and more in part.3 of our itnerview with Phife Dawg, make sure to subscribe to The Come Up Show TV for part. 4 as Phife reminisces his working experience with J Dilla.

[Interview] Phife Dawg talks new album Cheryl’s Big Son and Producing (Part. 2)

The Come Up Show Presents Part 2 of our interview with Phife Dawg, this is the first time he talks about the new album and its title Cheryl's Big Son: The Anomaly and the first single is called Soulmen featuring one of his artists LEL. I asked Phife about the high expectation fans have because it is his first solo album in twelve years, he tells us he wasn't thinking of making an album because of his battle with his health, unless it was a Tribe album, he was just going to produce, but all of a sudden he caught the bug again while producing. He tells us this and more in Part. 2 of our interview with Phife Dawg. Make sure to check back tomorrow on The Come Up Show TV for part. 3 of our interview as he talks about the Tribe documentary.