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[Video] D-Pryde – “Furthest Thing/ Wu-Tang Forever”

Fresh off an album release, with songs playing heavily on the radio; D-Pryde drops a remix over two Drake songs "Furthest Thing" and "Wu-Tang Forever". This being how he started gaining attention long ago by doing freeverses, it's cool to see him doing one every now and then especially when he is known to go hard when doing them! The visuals are filmed around his hometown of Brampton, Ontario and in front of his old high school. Take in the video after some words from D-Pryde and be sure to purchase his album Canal & Richvale afterwards.
"Freeverses, I came from these. I haven't been home in so long; I've been touring and working very hard and it's always good to have a break. I wanted to go back to my roots with this one. Brampton forever; thanks for everybody who made an appearence. No I am not going back to doing a billion freestyles over other people's beats, but it's always good to touch back onto my roots once in a while right? Drake is about to take over with his album, so in celebration of one of my biggest influences dropping his third album, I wanted to remix my 2 favorite songs on "Nothing Was The Same", enjoy".
Purchase: D-Pryde - Canal & Richvale

[Video] Luu Breeze – “Show Me Something” (Dir: Zac Facts)

City In Gold has been on repeat lately whenever I'm vibing out to music, which is a lot. With it being the talk of the city when talking new music, it's only right Luu Breeze drops a few videos to go along with it. In his latest for "Show Me Something" directed by Zac Facts, Luu Breeze interrogates someone of interest, with a gorgeous woman by his side. Take this one in and be sure to check out his previous music video for "Say Word" if you haven't yet!

[Feature] Don’t Sleep On Me: Martin $ky

What happened to people buying an album, listening to it and being happy with it until the artist was ready to release another full-length? Thanks to the internet, never before have we had such extensive access to music as we do today. With rappers facing irrelevancy, it’s kind of unfair to berate them for constantly putting out material. Although 50 cent & Lil Wayne did capitalized off of this marketing tactic, nowadays you're lucky if your album is listened to for longer than a month. Chicago emcee, Martin $ky doesn't turn a blind eye to this fact, but instead, uses it as fuel for his latest release: TIME(LESS) Read the full feature on Martin $ky after the jump. Name: @MartinxSky Hometown: Chicago, IL Influences: Madlib, 9th Wonder and MF DOOM Latest Release: Time(LESS) Must-Listen Track(s): "Flame" and "Contrast"

[Video] Sese – “Shabba” (Dir: BLKNXPRSS)

Not even a week after dropping the visuals for "Fear Me", Sese is back with another video for "Shabba", where be absolutely annihilates A$AP Ferg's instrumental. Directed by BLKNXPRSS, one of Sese's go to directors because they always get some great footage when working together, you can catch Union Gang in full riding with Sese in this one (they also have a group project coming soon as well). With the Sayzor Ramone EP due out sometime in the near future, hearing tracks like these really make you anxious to listen to the project. Although you won't catch "Fear Me" or "Shabba" on there because it is all original production. Until that time comes, take in the video for "Shabba" and let me know what draws you in as a fan of Sese, his work ethic? lyrical ability? his realness? or is it something different?

[Audio] Raz Fresco x John River x Rich Kidd x Blake Carrington- “How Could You Judge Me”

When I found out Friday a new joint featuring Raz Fresco, John River, Rich Kidd, and Blake Carrington were going to release this weekend in part of Manifesto weekend I couldn't wait to hear the song. Noisey had the pleasure to premier "How Could You Judge Me?" which is produced by Soze and you'll notice the Jay-Z sample from "Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)". Tell me what you think of the joint and we just posted the Manifesto set times so you want to see performed live for the first time then come out to Dundas Square today.