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[Video] Mello Hyde – “The Question” (Dir: Vinny Astratto)

Mello Hyde is a 16 year old from Toronto pursuing a career as a rapper. He recently released a video directed by Vinny Astratto for his song "The Question". He's young and realizes there is still a long way to go and this message also comes through in his music. Producer Kev Brown gives us a beat with an old-school feel while Mello shows off his rhyming skills. The song is inspiring and Mello Hyde asks his audience whether they believe in themselves. We can expect some more great music from Mello Hyde and it will only get better as he gains more experience rapping but he definitely makes his presence known with this one. Watch the music video below.

[Video] Blake Carrington – “Touching Down (Adversity)” (Dir: Anomalous Sightings)

Blake Carrington is a very talented rapper from Toronto working on carving his place in hip-hop. He made his initial impact back in 2011 when he dropped a mixtape titled Dare 2 Dream. In 2013, he is still working on and perfecting his craft. His latest single "Touching Down (Adversity)" is about him continuing to pursue his dream despite the adversity he faces. The visuals are colorful with girls rapping along to the lyrics with lots of special effects throughout the video. We can expect some more great music from him this year. Check out the video below!

[Mixtape] Rapsody – “She Got Game”

At long last, Rapsody's She Got Game is here, and the title says it all. With 16 tracks and nearly as many features, Rapsody holds her own alongside the likes of Common ("Feel Like (Love Love)"), Raekwon ("Coconut Oil"), Phonte and Jay Electronica ("Jedi Code"), Mac Miller ("Generation"), Ab-Soul and Nipsey Hussle ("Never Know"), Wale ("Dark Knights"), Chance The Rapper ("Lonely Thoughts"), and everyone else she brings along for the ride. The production is handled largely by 9th Wonder and the Soul Council - including Khrysis, Eric G, E. Jones, and Ka$h - but also features production from D12's Mr. Porter and the legendary DJ Premier. Overall, the mixtape showcases a continued increase in confidence from Rapsody on the mic - as seen on tracks like "Thank You Very Much", "Never Fail" and "Jedi Code", the sheer bravado we saw from Rapsody on The Idea of Beautiful's "NonFiction" is back in full effect, and she's got the lyrical skills to back it up. What's more surprising to me is the sheer amount of thematic depth on She Got Game. When I had interviewed Rapsody, she downplayed any notion of She Got Game being a serious project:
Rapsody: It’s nothing that we really overthought, we just wanted to put out some more music. And 9th said, “people, they just wanna hear you rap.” I’m doing another album that’s coming out in the fall, so this is just something like me getting in the booth and having fun, getting all different kinds of beats and rapping on them, and working with some artists that I’ve wanted to work with. So I just wanted to put out something else and contribute to the new [laughs].
The unexpected depth to these songs - shown on tracks like "Lonely Thoughts", "Generation" and "Special Way" - is an absolute bonus on the mixtape. It also goes to show that although Rapsody may have all the confidence in the world on the mic, she remains humble throughout. Final observation: Rapsody's got game. Enough rambling, though. Stream and download She Got Game below.

[Video] Crimxon – “Champagne Room” (Dir: Furthest Journey Media)

Crimxon is a 19 year old up and coming rapper from Toronto. He released a video for his latest track "Champagne Room" from his upcoming debut project titled The City or Champagne. The track is upbeat and chill. The visuals don't really show the artist but we see a lot of vivid colors and smoke that is supposed to make the video feel like a trip through a champagne room. Look out for The City or Champagne dropping later this year and watch the video below.